Brasília Side B: check out our tips for different places to go out in Brasília and enjoy the best of the city

Brasilia it is highly structured to receive tourists, whether for business or just for pleasure. Cultural diversity is a hallmark of the monument city. With sophisticated cuisine, high-end hotels and a vibrant cultural life for a long time what to do in Brasilia. Discover now some suggestions that we have separated for you.

Brasília, the landmark in the history of planned cities. On an empty plateau in the middle of the Midwest, the capital of Brazil is born, a modern and audacious project by then president Juscelino Kubitschek conceived by Oscar Niemeyer.

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Brasília has flat streets, open spaces, its straightness gives the sensation of touching the sky – since in almost every corner of the city it is possible to observe the sunset. “The sky is the sea of Brasília” already said Lúcio Costa, urban planner who designed the city in partnership with the architect Oscar Niemeyer. Brasília is a city with a high level of security and a lot of integration with nature, its main attractions are the government buildings, museums and monuments, but there are many other options of what to do in Brasília, see below.

Different places to go out in Brasilia 

Brasília never tires of surprising, and for tourists in search of surprises this one will be as unusual as it is cold, that's right ice in the heart of Brasília, how about skating in the Brazilian Midwest?

The skating rink is located inside the ParkShopping, in the Guará region. For skating, the ideal is to wear high socks, helmets and gloves, items can be rented there. You buy a ticket and are entitled to skate for half an hour, children up to 5 years old pay half admission. Venture into the ice of Brasilia.

different places in Brasilia

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For those who like to cool off in the heat and are adept at hiking, the Brasília Água Mineral National Park will be a very interesting option, where visitors can bathe in natural pools supplied with running water and stroll along the trails: Capivara and of the Water Crystal. You will also find several species of animals that can be contemplated by visitors.

different places in Brasilia

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Another nice tip for those who are in Brasília is to take the opportunity to visit the Memorial of Indigenous Peoples dedicated to the Yanomami people. A project developed by Niemeyer in 1987. The Memorial is a large round hut that has feather art from the Urubu-Kaapor bird, masks typical of indigenous celebrations, music from the Amazon and the Upper Xingu.

different places in Brasilia

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The space has several wooden benches made by the indigenous peoples of the Juruna, Yawalapiti and Kuikuro tribes. Entrance to the site is free. Get to know a little about the history of the first inhabitants of our land.

Another very famous tour in Brasília, especially for those traveling as a family, is visiting the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. The Exhibition at CCBB has giant sculptures that can be touched, children love and interact with the art of Darlan Rosa that are arranged in the CCBB garden. Admission is free, and visitation is from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm.

And to finish the tips for tours focused on the Brazilian day, how about stopping by the Gibiteca do Sesc located in the South Zone with a collection that ranges from children's comics to the most famous among the adult audience, catering to all tastes. The Gibiteca is open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm for those who like to enjoy a good read is a very nice request.

Different restaurants to discover in Brasilia

The Blas Restaurant serves lunch and dinner with that touch of refinement without high prices. With a cozy decor with wooden furniture, the menu offers salads, seafood, filet mignon, delicious juices and much more. Blas is located in the North Wing.

If you are vegan, be sure to taste the roasted peach palm with zucchini at Restaurante Engenho, which is highly praised for its service, varied menu and excellent structure. It is located in the South Wing.

And if your trip is 2, with romance content, how about a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, indirect lights and an Italian menu, not bad, huh? Villa Tevere is the place you need to know, it offers ample conditions for romanticism, with a hint of Brazilian spice and an Asian touch. Unmissable.

Now if you are looking for the refinement of French cuisine, a great example is Saveur Bistrot, you can't go wrong. With a menu prepared by Chef Thiago Paraíso, visitors can choose between fresh oysters, wild boar ribs, braised rabbit, among other spectacular options to start tasting first with their eyes.

Things to do at night in Brasilia

The nightlife of Brasilia is also very popular, and if you are looking to party, the Velvet Pub will meet what you are looking for, the house is known for alternative shows, electronic music, rock and pop rock. Velvet has 2 environments and stands out for the performances of covers of national and international music.

If the idea is a place with greater freedom for the public, Victoria Haus is indicated as it generally receives a more alternative public. The nightclub does most of its indoor shows, but it also has some outdoor festivals in other locations in Brasilia that are booked in advance. Victoria Haus has an app for you to buy tickets and follow the schedule.

Another great option for those who want to dance a good sertanejo and taste a cold beer is the Road Beer Choperia. Road Beer has a large and sophisticated space that allows dancing without crowds. Relaxed atmosphere, great infrastructure and excellent music selection to dance the night away is the perfect combination.

But if what you are looking for is a differentiated experience, Brasília Below Zero (Ice Bar) is a place you must visit, inspired by the Ices Bars of Orlando, London and Amsterdam, Brasília Below Zero is a bar where the drink will be always cold. You will pay for entry to the site with the right to wear thermal clothing capable of withstanding the cold, with gloves, coat and hat. Also included in the price will be a hot chocolate or a shot of vodka to make sure you don't freeze. The highlight is the Frozen shot, which takes vodka, blue curacao and ginger syrup and is served in glasses made of ice, to give that special effect in the photos because every tourist loves to record everything.

In Brasilia there will be no shortage of different places to go out, plan ahead and make the most of your stay in the beautiful monument city.

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