Check out a list of incredible destinations for diving in Brazil!

THE Brazil it has a coastline with more than 7 thousand kilometers of extension with breathtaking landscapes. For those who like adventure, the practice of diving It's a plate full of attractions. If you are a fan of the sport or are looking for the best place to start the practice, we have separated the 8 best destinations to dive in Brazil, check it out:

Fernando de Noronha – PE

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago It is without a doubt the best place to dive in Brazil. Can you imagine jumping into water with visibility of up to 50 meters and a temperature that reaches 28º C? Delight! There are 21 islands that host a huge variety of corals, more than 200 species of marine animals and even shipwrecks.

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Abrolhos – BA

The archipelago is just 75 kilometers off the coast and is home to more than 95 species of fish and 19 species of coral. The temperature is around 20ºC and has up to 30 meters of visibility. During this wonderful experience it is possible to see the presence of the incredible humpback whales that pass through the region between the months of July and November.


Arraial do Cabo – RJ

Arraial do Cabo offers diving in any condition and weather, without the need for a long trip. The destination has an abundant and diverse marine life and stands out as one of the best diving spots in the Lagos region of Rio de Janeiro.

Cable camp

Angra dos Reis – RJ

Located 155 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro and 359 kilometers from São Paulo, Angra dos Reis has its emerald sea, surrounded by more than a hundred islands with tropical vegetation of Serra do Mar. Laje de Matariz is an interesting point, mainly because of the helicopter that was purposely sunk in 2000 to create new attractions for lovers of snorkeling-style diving. All around Angra, however, the marine fauna and flora – especially the wide variety of starfish – draw the attention of divers.


Beautiful – MS

Beautiful It is considered one of the best places for Ecotourism in Brazil, there it is possible to swim in caves and caves, one of the best known spots in the region is the Abismo Anhumas, a cave that houses a lake full of submerged halls. In order to practice scuba diving on site, it is necessary to present a professional certification.


Laje de Santos – SP

Laje de Santos draws the attention of diving enthusiasts as it is one of the key points to find the huge manta rays, which visit the place during the winter.


Guarapari - ES

According to the Brazilian Society of Ichthyology, Guarapari has the greatest diversity of reef fish in Brazil. In addition to being able to see this huge amount of fish, it is also possible to visit the Victory 8B, a ship that was sunk on purpose to create artificial reefs.


Arvoredo Island - SC

The coast of Santa Catarina is wonderful, to dive in Ilha do Arvoredo it is necessary to have practice since compared to the other places that are on the list, the visibility of the water is very low, it is between 5 and 21 meters. But it is still possible to observe stingrays, octopus, turtles and groupers. You can also find some cannon shipwrecks from old ships.


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