The Beer Route is a dream for beer lovers and an excellent option for those looking for a different tour to do in the European Valley, in Santa Catarina.

You don't need to travel to Europe to taste the best craft beers. Here in Brazil, in Santa Catarina, there is a craft beer route in the Itajaí Valley where you can find examples of the drink worthy of international productions, as seen in Germany, Belgium and Czechoslovakia.

THE tourist itinerary it is a dream for beer lovers and also an excellent option for those looking for a different tour to do in the south of the country. In addition to getting to know the breweries that produce different types of drink, the traveler can visit cities with a strong European influence, which enchant both for their architecture and for the preservation of the traditions and customs of the old continent.

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Santa Catarina artisanal brew

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THE craft beer route is made by several cities in the Itajai Valley, also known as European Valley, and allows tourists to visit the interior of the factories, learn about the entire fermentation process and, finally, try the various types of drink.

Craft beer route

craft beer itinerary

Parade of the Pomeranian Festival, Santa Catarina. Photo: Daniel Zimmermann/Disclosure

The strong German influence of the cities of Vale do Itajaí preserved traditions and customs of the Germanic people, including the production of beers. There are so many craft breweries in this region of Santa Catarina that the Craft Beer Route was created, an itinerary for no fermented beverage enthusiast to miss.

The itinerary takes tourists not only through the cities of European Valley, but also to the various breweries that open their doors for guided tours and tastings of the most varied types and flavors of the drink.

the production of craft beer in the Itajaí Valley is taken so seriously that microbreweries have raised the quality of Brazilian beer to an international level. Therefore, you cannot miss this tourist route to try the delicious variety of beers produced there.

But remember, if you are going to do the Craft Beer Route by car, be accompanied by a driver who does not drink, so you can taste the different types of craft beers with peace of mind. One option, too, is to hire one of the tour companies that carry out tours with the script.

Itajai Valley

craft beer script

Former train station in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina. Photo: Zé Paiva/Pulsar

The Itajaí Valley, or European Valley, is a metropolitan region of Santa Catarina with strong German and Italian influence, which houses the municipalities of Blumenau, Gaspar, Indaial, Pomerode and Timbó.

In addition to the Craft Beer Route, Vale do Itajaí is an excellent destination option for those who want to know a little more about European culture without leaving Brazil. Everywhere, the habits of the old continent can be seen, not only in clothing, but also in the cuisine and architecture of the cities that make it up. What's more: the streets are very clean and tree-lined, great for outdoor walks.

script cities

craft beer vale do itajai

Blumenau. Photo: Disclosure

Check out what each City on the Craft Beer Route reservation for you. The itinerary includes the cities of Vale do Itajaí, in addition to Jaraguá do Sul and Joinville. It is worth visiting each of these places and, due to their proximity, it is even possible to combine a visit to more than one city per day.


We could not start talking about the Craft Beer Route of Vale do Itajaí in any other city than the National Capital of Beer: Blumenau. Stage of the second largest Oktoberfest in the world, the city has numerous breweries to visit and taste different versions of ice cream.

Among the craft beer breweries to visit in Blumenau, the Eisenbahn, a Bierland Brewery, a Blumenau beer, a Alles Blau, a Container Brewery and the Higher School of Beer and Malt-ESCM. Be sure to also visit the Beer Museum, located in the city.


About 20 minutes away from Blumenau, the city of Gaspar has an establishment that is part of the Craft Beer Route: the Das Bier Brewery. The place produces 11 types of draft beer, including a wine one and, in addition to the drinks tasting, it has a restaurant where it is possible to have lunch or dinner.

Take advantage of your passage through Gaspar to discover this charming city, colonized by Italians, but with great Germanic influence.


Like Gaspar, Brusque has only one brewery, but it is worth including in your itinerary through the Itajaí Valley. THE Zehn Bier was founded in 2003 and is one of the first breweries in the region to follow the German school that respects the Purity Law, defined in 1516. The regulation prohibits the use of preservatives and limits its production to the use of only four ingredients: water, hops, malt and yeast.

In addition, a visit to the city can yield great shopping, as Brusque is a textile industrial center in Santa Catarina.


Known as the “pearl of the valley”, Timbó is a very pleasant city, which is worth visiting both for the Craft Beer Route of the Vale do Itajaí and just for sightseeing. For those on the beer route, the city has great breweries, such as Berghain Brewery, a  Borck Brewery and the Blauer Berg.


Considered the most German city in Brazil, Pomerode is a mandatory stop for anyone on the craft beer route in the Itajaí Valley. In it you will find the Schornstein Brewery, installed in a historic building in the city: the old Weege Market. Next to the factory is Schornstein Kneipe, the brewery's official bar, where you can taste the brand's excellent beers.

South jaragua

Jaraguá do Sul is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country and is on the Craft Beer Route of Vale do Itajaí. The highlight there is the Karsten Brewery which, despite not having a bar, organizes guided tours for beer tasting for groups of up to 20 people. When tasting the drinks, you can also taste delicious snacks, such as salami, cups, smoked loin, sausages, cheeses, olives, pâtés and breads.


The largest city in Santa Catarina, Joinville is an incredible place to visit. In addition to having an intense cultural life, it has excellent breweries that are part of the Craft Beer Route. Include in your itinerary a visit to the Haensch Bier, a Gutes Bier, a Rhein Bier Brewery, a Zeit Brewery and the Oops Bier.

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