Free wine in Italy: Located in the Abruzzo region, the fountain gushes free wine 24 hours a day

There's no shortage of reasons to plan a trip to Italy, right/ Now, you can add one more: the country maintains a fountain that doesn't spout water, but wine. And best of all, it's free.

The source is part of winery Dora Sarchese, in Abruzzo, which, despite not being a region sought after by tourists, is full of charm. Located between mountains and historic landscapes, this beautiful region is in the central-eastern part of Italy.

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Free wine in Italy

Free wine in Italy. Photo: Dora Sarchese

This is the first source of free wine in the country, but not in the world – and not even in Europe. In Spain, more precisely in the city of Ronda, there is an old winery that provides the drink for free.

However, the difference is that the free wine fountain in italy gushes the drink for 24 hours, every day. The tap will be open and the wine can be collected by anyone who wants to taste it, just bring your glass.

The winery's wine fountain Dora Sarchese is specifically in the city of Caldari di Ortona, region of abruzzo. The location was not chosen at random, as the fountain is on a path known as “Cammino di San Tommaso”, named after Saint Thomas Aquinas. This pilgrimage trail connects Rome to Ortona, where the saint was buried.

Photo: Dora Sarchese

For more information, visit the winery's website. clicking here.

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