Thermal waters: Know all the details of the new resort with thermal waters in Rio Grande do Sul

Imagine a park with naturally thermal salt water, whose temperature can reach 40°. Ideal for relaxing after a tiring day at work. This is the main feature of Roman Baths Resort, recently opened in the city of Restinga Seca, at the Rio Grande do Sul.

Already considered the best place to enjoy all the restoring power of the thermal waters in the state, the Roman Baths it was created with the aim of restoring the grandeur of Rome's historic baths amid modern and comfortable structures. In it humans and the environment coexist in full harmony and together transform the body, mind, health and productive activity.

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Rio Grande do Sul hot springs resort

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At thermal waters of Rio Grande do Sul they have a reputation for being a holy remedy for the locomotor, cardiovascular, muscular systems, health and productive activity. Indicated mainly for those who have arthritis, varicose veins, allergies or need a physiological activity or even a muscle relaxant.

The inauguration of Tower 1 of Termas Romanas took place at the beginning of September 2021. At the time, 58 apartments were made available for accommodation, with high demand for reservations. The mentor of the venture is a businessman, president of Calçados Beira Rio and of the Board of Directors of Recanto Maestro, Roberto Argenta.

Towers 2 and 3 were made available in the same month, with three more towers scheduled to open by early December. In all, there will be 358 apartments in an apart-hotel system that will house up to 1,432 people in accommodation varying between one week and one month. While the Resort in Rio Grande do Sul does not reach its final configuration, accommodation can be held from Wednesday to Sunday or on holidays.

An apartment can accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old. It has a double bed, sofa bed, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. All have the same standard, only the view of the park varies.

hot springs resort

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For leisure, the client has many options, where access to the hot springs is included in the daily rate. The main restaurant, in the center of the complex, offers a free buffet for all meals of the day and customers can choose between half-board, which includes breakfast and dinner, or full-board, which includes lunch.

Attractions include items such as fitness space, cinema, kids space, children's recreation, yoga, walks in the park's green areas, water aerobics, and rhythm class. In December, a new addendum will be inaugurated that will transform the site into a Spa Resort, including a games room and ecumenical center.

Rio Grande do Sul resort

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Especially at the end of October, the first edition of Oktober Termas took place, a series of events that celebrated the German culture that is still so influential today. The program included tents, games, craft beer tasting, awards for typical clothes, band, German cuisine and varied cultural presentations. The prices for two nights with access to the spa and special programs ranged from R$ 1,479.00 (single) to R$ 3,899.00 (couple plus two children).

For those interested in staying close to the park, the option is the Business Center Recanto Maestro hotel, very close to the park entrance, which has more affordable rates. Check the official website for an up-to-date price list.

Rio Grande do Sul hot springs resort

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And the activities don't stop at the Resort. The launch of a thermal water bottling plant is planned for December, which will have a panoramic restaurant next door that will allow visitors to see the bottling and at the same time enjoy the view of the park's green area. In 2022 there will be the opening of an olive oil factory.

Roberto Argenta intends with his park to place the region (known as the origin of the 4th Italian Immigration Colony of Rio Grande do Sul) on the route of the main tourist destinations focused on well-being and gastronomy, consolidating the region as one of the main among the tourist routes in the state.

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