The paradise island that served as a hideout for the characters Tokyo and Rio in the third season of La Casa de Papel exists and is in Panama!

For sure, the third season of the show La Casa de Papel revealed not only eight emotion-packed episodes for fans, but also a heavenly setting that intrigued many viewers. After all, is that incredible desert island where the characters Tokyo and River hide really exist?

The answer is yes – and the best thing is that you can visit it! In fact, the place is one of the islands of San Blas Archipelago, at the Panama, also known as Guna Yala. Famous for presenting more than 360 islands, that is, practically one for each day of the year, the scenarios present a lot of untouched nature. Like, for example, soft sand, many palm trees and turquoise waters capable of leaving anyone with their jaws dropped.

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Undoubtedly, the scenic perfection of San Blas it's a place everyone, like Tokyo and Rio, would like to escape to at least once in their lifetime. So, learn more about this paradise that deserves to be admired beyond the television screens.

San Blas: an untouched paradise in Panama

Tokyo and Rio

Photo: Playback / Netflix

Known as the Panamanian Caribbean, the archipelago of San Blas It doesn't have big resorts and that luxurious tourist structure like other destinations in the region. But, it gives tourists a rusticity that makes it even more beautiful and preserved.

managed by Kuna Yala, an autonomous indigenous group that inhabits the region, the archipelago preserves, in addition to nature, a lot of culture. Furthermore, with more than 320 thousand hectares of untouched greenery, any natural exploration is strictly prohibited in the region and only the kuna have rights to the location.

As a result, this allows tourists to experience an authentic experience that includes transporting themselves in wooden boats. In addition, it is possible to stay in cabins, sleep in hanging hammocks and use bonfires to light the places. Some places do not even have electricity.

Paradise Island - Panama

Photo: Pixabay

Kuna traditions

You kunas are known for traditions that reflect their way of life on the island, revealed in their customs, cuisine and culture. Surprisingly, women play a very important role in this society, having full autonomy to do business and dictate the rules of the place. In addition, the Kuna people normally accepts the “Omeggid”, that is, transgender people, people who identify with a different gender than that corresponding to their assigned sex.

San Blas is a sparsely inhabited place – only 40 of the more than 300 islands are occupied with around 50,000 people. Kuna Indians. This makes it the perfect place to isolate yourself from the world, just like the characters in La Casa de Papel.

In addition, those who venture to its islands will find an enchanting aquatic world. This is because it is possible to practice diving, kayaking, boat trips and even rafting, which feature diverse corals, fish and spectacular landscapes.

That is why, San Blas It is definitely a destination for those who don't care about luxury and prefer to disconnect to enjoy a unique experience fully integrated with nature. Is it your case? So enjoy!

How to get to San Blas?

San Blas - Panama

Photo: Playback / Netflix

Fell in love and wants to know the paradise island that served as a location for La Casa de Papel? Access to paradise is not so simple and whoever wants to see all the scenic and impressive beauty of the islands of San Blas you will have to face about two hours inside the car through winding roads, full of zigzags, which are quite difficult for those who are not used to the route.

Afterwards, it is still necessary to rent a 4×4 vehicle to reach the two small ports – Carti and Barsukun – from where the boats that access the islands depart. We detail all the path in the article How to get to San Blas.

Reach San Blas not only does it look complicated, it actually is. Therefore, the most viable option for those who want to reach paradise starting from Panama City is through companies that offer transfer service. In this case, tourists don't have to worry about challenges along the way – whether the roads are dangerous or the procedures along the Kuna Indians.

San Blas - Tokyo

Photo: Playback / Netflix

For those who want to discover the paradise island of San Blas using transfer, our indication is the PANAMA CONNECTION, an agency that, in addition to carrying out the transport service in very modern and safe cars, also offers Brazilians a team that speaks Portuguese.

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