The incredible Serengeti National Park is a spectacular wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania and served as the inspiration for one of Disney's most beloved animations.

the cartoon The Lion King, by Disney, marked the lives of many children in the 90's and its success lasted for years, conquering more and more fans. Proof of this is that this week, twenty-five years after the animation premiered, the live-action version of this story that has enchanted generations arrives in theaters.

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What few people know is that, in addition to the exciting plot, the scenery of exuberant nature that takes place in the film was inspired by a real place, known as Serengeti National Park, at Tanzania. The production of the feature, in the 90s, visited the place to be inspired by the landscapes and the behavior of the animals. The result of the study gave life to amazing characters like Simba, Timon and Pumbaa.

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Serengeti Park: an oasis of wild nature

The location chosen by Disney producers was no accident: the Serengeti National Park It has more than 14 thousand square kilometers of untouched nature, housing one of the most complex and rich ecosystems on the planet.

The park, declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site, in fact, houses several animals that are also in the animation such as elephants, rhinos, hippos, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and monkeys. And, of course, the place is also known as “land of lions”, home to more than 35 species of large mammals.

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The most anticipated attraction Serengeti, however, is a phenomenon known as the Great Migration, when nearly two million animals, especially wildebeests, begin their search for food and safe places to breed, starting a cycle of survival that becomes a great spectacle of nature.

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As it is one of the places on the planet with the greatest diversity of animals, in addition to beautiful landscapes, the Serengeti It is very popular with tourists who want to go on the famous safaris. On site, there are options to do them in the traditional way, in 4×4 cars, and also aboard a balloon for those who want a panoramic view of the entire immensity of the environmental reserve.

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