In celebration of the anniversary of the Hubble telescope, NASA launches a tool for you to find out which photo from space was recorded on the day of your birth

How about taking advantage of the quarantine to travel to space? That alone would be fantastic, but now you can find out which photo was taken by NASA on the day of your birth. That's because the Hubble telescope, which the space agency uses to record its explorations of the stars and planets, will celebrate 30 years of its launch next month.

Launched on April 24, 1990, Hubble, which orbits our planet, is more than 500 kilometers from Earth in relation to sea level. The telescope works non-stop and has already recorded the most incredible celestial phenomena. In addition, its collections have already served as a basis for the production of more than a thousand scientific articles.

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photo of space taken by NASA on the day of his birth

Photo: Disclosure / NASA

Anyone who wants to check the record made by Hubble on their birthday, just click here. The photo is also accompanied by an explanation. The idea is for people to share the records on their social networks using the hashtag #Hubble30, a request by NASA itself to honor this important birthday boy.

photo of space taken by NASA on the day of his birth

Photo: Disclosure / NASA

In addition to the tool to discover the photo taken on your birthday, NASA is also sharing a photo taken by Hubble per day until April 24 on its social networks.

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