Destinations marked by a lot of history, exuberant architecture and authentic beauty, all in the cities of Minas Gerais

The historic cities of Minas Gerais are a real enchantment, walking through the cobbled streets is like traveling to the colonial era and understanding in practice part of the history of Brazil. And it is this time travel, the proposal of the new novel by TV Globo, “Mirror of Life”.

The plot by Elizabeth Jhin, narrates the life of Cris Valência (Vitória Strada), who when going for the first time to Rosa Branca, a fictional city in Minas Gerais, will feel that she has already lived something in that place.

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The story of love, mystery and past lives was set in four historic cities of Minas, such as Ouro Preto, Mariana, Tiradentes, and in the Carrancas waterfalls. Check out the main attractions of the cities and plan your next trip.

Black gold

Photo: Raquel Mendes Silva / Wikimedia Commons

The city located 100 km from the capital Belo Horizonte, is formed by several slopes that lead us to the old Vila Rica, one of the landmarks of the golden age. Proof of this are its churches and museums, all carved from the material. Is at Black gold which you can find the most famous works carved by Aleijadinho.


Photo: Raphael Gustavo Marques da Costa / Wikimedia Commons

Mariana it also harks back to the times of the Gold Rush. This small town is surrounded by expressive buildings, such as the Church of São Francisco de Assis. The main square reflects all the splendor of the city, formed by mansions around it, and in the center, a large fountain, is an invitation to imagine what life was like in colonial times.


Photo: Rejane Sarmento / Wikimedia Commons

THE cities has a charming air and brings together colonial style houses, cobblestone streets, lots of history and amazing natural attractions. With several restaurants that serve delicious food from Minas, a carriage ride through the center and a maria-fumaça trip to São João Del Rei, it will make you feel really in the last century.


Photo: Beraldo Leal / Flickr

With less than 4 thousand inhabitants and the furthest from the capital, 294 km, Carrancas is full of natural beauties, formed by seven complexes of waterfalls, wells and caves, an inviting setting for nature lovers.

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