If you are a traveler passionate about photography and do not give up making the best records to post on your Instagram, be sure to visit these instagrammable streets.

It's impossible to think about traveling without considering registering the moments lived in beautiful photographs, isn't it? And with Instagram, the need to make the best clicks to make the feed look great is even greater. Therefore, we prepared this post with the most instagrammable streets in Brazil to help you decide where to visit.

Our selection has roads located in the main tourist cities of the country. From north to south, you can find perfect scenarios for you to take the best photos, whether in the middle of nature or in large urban centers.

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So, in addition to enjoying all the attractions of the destination you choose to visit, you can bring back, as a souvenir, the incredible shots made in these charming streets. Most of them are full of bars, restaurants and shops that will make your tour even better.

So, if you're a traveler passionate about photography and don't give up making the best pictures to post on your Instagram, be sure to visit at least one of the most 'Instagrammable' streets in Brazil.

Details about the most 'Instagrammable' streets in Brazil

Combining tourism and photography is one of the easiest tasks, as the scenarios contribute to making great records. And there are many places to take pictures in Brazil that do not disappoint at all for international destinations. To prove this to you, we prepared this selection with the most beautiful instagrammable streets in the country.

Rua do Fogo (Paraty)


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Located in the historic center of Paraty, Rua do Fogo is paved with stones and surrounded by the old mansions characteristic of the city, but with a differential: the facades of the houses are covered by plants and roses. A perfect setting for beautiful photographs. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Brazil.

Portugal Street (São Luís)

The colonial mansions covered in Portuguese tiles make Rua Portugal, in São Luís, a great place to take Instagram-worthy photographic records. To complete the look, the cobblestone street and the old lampposts make the place very charming. So, if you visit the capital of Maranhão, don't miss the beautiful Rua Portugal.

Rua do Bom Jesus (Recife)

Elected the third most beautiful street in the world in 2020 by the American magazine Architectural Digest, Rua do Bom Jesus, in Recife, is one of the most instagrammable in Brazil. It houses beautiful colonial mansions with colorful facades, the road and the sidewalk are covered by stones and palm trees that form a stunning scenery.

Rua das Pedras (Buzios)


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One of the main attractions of Búzios, after the beautiful beaches, Rua das Pedras is one of the most beautiful in Rio de Janeiro and invites you to make several clicks to post on Instagram. All covered by stones, the street concentrates several shops, bars and restaurants that place their tables and chairs on the sidewalk, making it very pleasant for walks.

XV de Novembro Street (Blumenau)


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Stage of the parades oktoberfest, Rua XV de Novembro is the most German in Santa Catarina. It is not for less that it is one of the tourist attractions in Blumenau and draws attention, mainly, for the historic buildings, built in the Enxaimel style – a technique that consists of walls assembled with wooden rods and whose spaces are filled with stones or bricks. This whole scenario makes for beautiful photos for Instagram.

Avenida Silvio Carlos Viana (Maceio)

Another perfect place for Instagrammable clicks, Avenida Silvio Carlos Viana is one of the most beautiful in Maceió. It runs along the edge of the city, is surrounded by coconut trees and houses the sign “Eu amo Maceió”. To complete, on Sundays it is closed to receive tourists and residents who want to walk, stroll or cycle.

Rua do Mucugê (Arraial d'Ajuda)

Rua Mucugê is the main street in Arraial D'Ajuda and concentrates the main bars and restaurants. It is, without a doubt, the most charming street not only in the village, but in Porto Seguro, Bahia. It is home to Beco das Cores, a kind of open-air gallery that gathers shops and bars and has live music on weekends.

Rua do Forró (Jericoacoara)


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Also known as Beco do Forró, Rua do Forró is one of the busiest in Jericoacoara, Ceará. In addition to the hustle and bustle, especially at night, the street is beautiful and has scenarios that yield great clicks. Like the other streets of Jericoacoara, the street is covered by sand and concentrates the main bars and restaurants in the village.

Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho (Porto Alegre)

Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho was once elected the most beautiful in the world and has become one of the tourist attractions in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. And it's not hard to understand why. The street has trees on both sidewalks, which form an incredible green tunnel along its entire length. In addition to the beauty, the route is extremely pleasant, due to the shade of the trees.

Rua do Beija Flor (Pipa)


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Beautiful, Rua do Beija Flor is one of the most incredible places on Praia de Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte. Walking along the road – which is, in fact, a boardwalk – one has the feeling of being in Greece: the facades are very white, with colorful details, the floor is covered with stones and, in some parts, there are staircases. In it, you will find several bars and restaurants that, with their tables on the sidewalk, make the place even more attractive.

Rua da Câmara (Tiradentes)


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Rua da Câmara reveals one of the most beautiful scenarios in Tiradentes, in the interior of Minas Gerais. At its highest end, is the Igreja Matriz de Santo Antônio. From there it is possible to admire the old mansions that border the stone-covered road, with the Serra de São José in the background. Rua da Câmara ends at the junction with Rua Jogo de Bola and Rua do Chafariz, where the old water source of the city, known today as San Jose Fountain.

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