The zodiac can give you a little help when choosing the next place to spend your vacation. Check out which Brazilian destinations match your sign!

Each zodiac sign reveals characteristics and some singularities about people. And this can also influence when defining an ideal destination to pack and travel. Adventure destinations, more alternative ones, bustling cities or the “darlings” of the moment: which one best suits your profile? 

If you believe in the power of influence of the stars, we asked experts and created a list with the Brazilian destinations that best match your zodiac sign. And, if you don't believe it, it's worth knowing the destinations mentioned, after all, Brazil has so many beautiful places that having one more reason to travel is always a good alternative, right? 

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Brazilian destinations that match your zodiac sign


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Aries have energy to give and sell. Quite exotic, adventurous and independent, they appreciate ecotourism destinations and incredible landscapes. Generally, they do not mind traveling alone, as it is even difficult to keep up with the natives of this sign. Dynamism is the watchword, which is why Aries love destinations that deliver a little – or a lot – of adrenaline. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Aries: Beautiful (MS), sprouts (SP), PETAR (SP), Chapada da Diamantina (BA), Maranhão sheets (AL)


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Taurus natives are quite organized when it comes to traveling. Taureans appreciate beautiful and contemplative places, with lots of nature, but they don't give up the comfort of a beautiful structure. People of this sign tend not to be the biggest fans of extreme sports and they highly value local cuisine. If the place is cozy, beautiful and with an abundant gastronomy, this will be the ideal destination for a bull. 

Brazilian destinations that match the zodiac sign of Taurus: Campos do Jordão (SP), Lawn (RS), Penedo (RJ), pomerode (SC), diamond (MG)


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: Pixabay

Geminis, in general, are quite restless, so those very closed itineraries, with a schedule for everything, may not work. Curious, they like destinations that allow them to discover new things. Thus, urban places, full of interesting spaces, can make natives of this sign very happy. Versatility is the watchword here, as Gemini likes to keep their minds busy. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Gemini: Sao Paulo (SP), Florianopolis (SC), Belo Horizonte (MG), Guarapari (ES), Strength (EC)


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Practical and organized experiences, but exuding history, are perfectly suited to Capricorns. This sign that loves to acquire knowledge in their travels, likes more introspective destinations that provide peace. Capricorns, in general, run away from very popular or crowded tourist destinations. He values comfortable and quiet places, preferably in the company of loved ones, such as friends or family. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Capricorn: straps (MG), Wedge (SP), Domingos Martins (ES), Mortars (PR), caraiva (BA), 


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: Disclosure / Wikimedia Commons

Bold and independent, Scorpios don't make a point of traveling in a group or having a fully defined itinerary. Irreverent, the natives of this sign especially appreciate destinations with water, so waterfalls, caves and beaches are among their favorite places to travel. In addition, water sports are among his favorite activities. Fortunately, in Brazil, the possibilities for Scorpios are many! 

Brazilian destinations that match the scorpio zodiac sign: ubatuba (SP), maragogi (AL), Capitol (MG), São Miguel do Gostoso (RN) Itacare (BA), Big Island (RJ)


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Cancer natives love quieter, family-friendly programs, preferably well planned and organized in advance. They love places with water, such as rivers and waterfalls, but with a certain coziness, security and comfort. In addition, Cancers are very family-oriented, so destinations with activities for all ages, which can please all family members, tend to be great for them.

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Cancer: olympia (SP), Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Caldas Novas (GO), Costa do Sauípe (BA), Aquiraz (Ceará), Lower leg (RS), Penha (SC)


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: Pixabay/CVC

Stunning landscapes and “darling” destinations of the moment are at the top of the destinations preferred by Leos. Impressed by the look, the natives of this sign enjoy very “Instagrammable” and sophisticated places, which will yield good photos, but which will also make you enjoy your vacation like never before. Leos are very determined and can spend years saving up money for that dream trip, with everything they're entitled to. 

Brazilian destinations that match the zodiac sign: Fernando de Noronha (PE), Costa do Conde (PB),  Angra dos Reis (RJ), trancoso (BA), Jericoacoara (CE), Pipa (RN)


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Extremely captivating, Libras have a social facility that allows them to make friends everywhere. So for Libra natives, the more people, the better. Libras tend to like all kinds of destinations, whether it's a beach, mountain or a big city, the important thing is to share ideas. However, people of this sign, in general, have a tendency to appreciate places that offer beautiful architecture, with a differentiated design, history or museums. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of libra: Inhotim (MG), Olinda (FOOT), Brasilia (DF), São Luís (BAD), savior (BA), Black gold (MG)


Photos: CVC/ Pisa Trekking

Sagittarius is a sign that loves to travel. This is because they enjoy adventures and especially unusual places, as they are fascinated by new discoveries. Something very important for most Sagittarians is contact with nature and its essence. Therefore, destinations whose natural landscapes are lush and well preserved tend to attract natives of this sign, whether beaches or mountains. And luckily, Brazil is full of places like that. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Sagittarius: jalapão (TO), Maraú Peninsula (BA), Ibitipoca (MG), Serra da Capybara (PI), Chapada das Mesas (MA), Monte Roraima (RR)


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: Unsplash

Very sociable and modern, Aquarians are not very attached to scripts and rules. For them, freer trips, without pre-determined schedules, work better. Attuned and communicative, they have a predilection for destinations that generate opportunities for new friendships, whether big cities, beaches or mountains. They are not usually very close to radical activities, prefer more cultural and fun programs. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Aquarius: Sao Paulo (SP), Camboriú Bathhouse (SC), Curitiba (PR), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 


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Virgos love well-designed and defined travel itineraries. Known for being very methodical, they research literally everything about the place before taking a trip. In addition, they appreciate historical and nature destinations, but prefer to stay away from more extreme programs. Therefore, the ideal national destinations for this sign are those that provide beauty, but with a certain structure and comfort. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Virgo: Petrópolis (RJ), São Roque (SP), Bento Gonçalves (LOL), green Hill (MG), Paraty (RJ)


Brazilian destinations match your zodiac sign

Photos: CVC

Pisceans, in general, are people who care a lot about the energy of the places they visit. Thus, they like destinations that go beyond the ordinary, that offer more than beautiful scenery, but that create a different connection. Therefore, mysterious places, with lots of nature, waterfalls and that offer a more alternative and high spirits atmosphere tend to be the favorites of the natives of this sign. 

Brazilian destinations that match the sign of Pisces: Veadeiros Plateau (GO), São Thomé das Letras (MG), Viscount of Mauá (RJ), Capão Valley (BA), Alter do Chão (PAN)

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