For over 500 years the south coast of Bahia, known as Discovery Coast, has been enchanting thousands of people and with good reason. The area, which is surrounded by incredible natural beauty and historical attractions that tell how Brazil began, is made up of the municipalities of safe harbor, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Belmonte and Guaratinga.

Its name refers to the period of boats, when the Portuguese took possession of Brazilian territory, attracting explorers in search of riches and different products for survival. Today the region still attracts adventurers, but in search of sun, sea and a lot of tranquility.

What are the main attractions of Costa dthe Discovery?

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The best way to embark on this journey back in time is to discover all the history that is kept in Porto Seguro, in an area that is listed by Iphan (Institute of National Historic Heritage) and recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity. This historic center is one of the most important in Brazil, where you can find the Marco do Descobrimento, installed by the Portuguese to represent the possession of the territory, several churches that marked the mission of the Jesuits at the time and museums, with an important collection that helps to have an idea of what life was like for the Indians who inhabited the place before colonization. And of course, between one tour and another, there's nothing like enjoying the beautiful beaches of the city, like Taperapuã, which mixes beach, sea and party, with its gigantic structures of tents on the boardwalk, which are pure energy. Or for those looking for more tranquility, the beaches of the neighboring municipality, Santa Cruz de Cabrália, are great options.

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once in safe harbor, worth knowing Arraial D'Ajuda, which is very close, just cross a ferry that separates the two municipalities and that's it!

Nightlife is also very lively, especially on Broadway, as the neighborhood is known. There are several colorful houses and shops. However, beaches are the main reason for tourists to visit.

It is worth mentioning Praia do Mucugê, which is the closest to the center, but urban with a good structure of tents. Now, for an impressive look, be sure to include in the list Pitinga and Taípe, which offer a blue sea and cliffs.

Follow this route until trancoso, which is 47 km (via ferry) and 77 km (via road) from Porto Seguro. With a historic center that is pure charm with colorful houses, churches and museums, there is much more to discover about the history of Brazil. And of course, be sure to enjoy nature, after all, we are talking about Bahia!

Praia do Espelho is a mandatory stop, with a more rustic look and preserved nature, among many others in the region.

To make this experience even more special, meet caraiva, a village by the sea, will make the Discovery Coast unforgettable. Just 70km from Porto Seguro, it is very popular for a day or weekend.

The tour along the Caraíva River is a must, as is watching the sunset. The beaches are also the highlight of the trip, including Praia da Brava and Praia de Caraíva. The nightlife in the region also leaves nothing to be desired, with bars and restaurants right on the beach.

If you have time, also include Monte Pascoal, a small hill located in the municipality of Prado, which according to historical records was the first piece of land seen by the settlers. And don't forget to contemplate the sunset at Ponta do Mutá.

Discovery Coast

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