THE Melissa Freitas of @maladememorias, visited Disney parks in Orlando and separated some tips for you to visit three Disney parks in Orlando in the same day without missing the main one.

After visiting Disney several times, I returned to Orlando with days numbered and so I decided to visit 3 of the disney parks in one day, and in this post I listed the best tips for you to enjoy the best of the parks even with little time available on your trip.

Orlando 1 day itinerary

start the day at animal kingdom, arrive 30 minutes before the park's opening time so you don't waste time with parking, ideally you are at the gate at the exact moment the park opens, that way you can run to the most popular attractions at once. I recommend that you go directly to the Avatar part and run to Flight of Passage, Disney's newest simulator, I can already tell you that this attraction is, in fact, the best of the four Disney parks, so schedule your FastPass+ to return on this one. attraction later, believe me, it is worth repeating.

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After the simulator, I recommend that you head to the Na'vi River Journey, which is a much quieter attraction than the Flight of Passage. In this toy you embark on a boat ride through the universe of Pandora, the path is really impressive, the scenery is very beautiful and well done, despite being a very light attraction, I recommend you not to miss it.

Photo: Disney publicity

When you get out of this ride, run to Expedidion Everest, remember to schedule your FastPass+ for this attraction too, it's super busy and the lines are usually long and long. This attraction is, in fact, surprising, the destroyed tracks are just the first part of the adventure that awaits you, the mission is to escape the Abominable Snowman that is hiding on Everest, and the final surprise is the huge fall through the mountains of Everest . Then I recommend that you head to the Kali River Rapids, I warn you that you will get very wet, but it is worth it, when boarding the buoy, you go down the river full of current, between a lot of adventure and water jets, you leave of the soaked toy, which is pretty cool if the day is hot like the day I visited the park.

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Other Disney park must-see attraction is Kilimanjaro, a very nice safari, the intention of disney it was really simulating several biomes found in Africa, and I can already say that it worked, the tour is surreal. I also recommend that you book your FastPass+ in advance, as it is a long and very popular tour. Finally, finish your visit to the park by visiting the attraction, It's Tough To Be a Bug, which is a very cool and funny 3D cinema, it is inspired by the movie A Bug's Life, I particularly loved it. The cool thing is that it is right under the tree of life, so take the opportunity to take pictures there when you leave the attraction.

When leaving Animal Kingdom, drive to Epcot, which is another Disney's must-see park, when entering the park go straight to the best attraction in the park, Soarin. This toy is in the Future World part, and it's sensational, and the best, it's perfect for all audiences, because it's not radical, but it's exciting and beautiful, in it you can board a hang gliding flight passing through iconic places of all over the world, including the Iguazu Falls. In short, don't miss this toy for nothing.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Then I recommend that you head to the Test Track, another super popular attraction in the park, where you have the option to assemble your car and then you can test it, and at the same time compete with several others simultaneously. At both rides, be sure to book the FastPass+ as the lines can be huge.

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At this point, depending on the time, I recommend that you choose two pavilions to visit, the ideal would be to visit them all, but when doing three parks on the same day it is necessary to give up some things. After visiting these pavilions, head to the Club Cool store on the way out of the park, in this store you can try soft drinks from all over the world for free, I confess that many are horrible, but it's worth the experience. The cool thing is that they also have Kuat guarana there, and it is a big hit with the gringos. Finally, at the exit of the park, if you still have some time, I recommend that you go to the SpaceShip Earth attraction, which is inside the Epcot ball. This attraction is not radical or unmissable, but it is very interesting, because it tells the whole journey of man in his evolution with technology, I loved it.

When leaving Epcot go to the Magic Kingdom, I recommend that you leave your car parked there and take the Monorail to the park to save time, and come back to pick up the car after the fireworks show. When you arrive at the Magic Kingdom, take the opportunity to admire the castle and all the magic of Main Street, which is the main entrance street to the park, this place reflects all the magic of Disney. If you still have two hours to spare, I recommend going directly to Space Mountain, a very different roller coaster in the dark, in addition to being very fast, the attraction's intention is to take a trip through space, so throughout the journey you will find elements that refer to this theme.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

After enjoying Space Mountain, head to the other side of the park to see Big Thunder Mountain, which is a fun but very peaceful roller coaster, and then go on Splash Mountain, which is a roller coaster on the water. To avoid getting so wet, I recommend you to go in the third or fourth row of the boat, but if the day is hot, play in the first row and enjoy a lot. It is important to remember to bring a pair of dry clothes, as well as a towel, believe me, these attractions in the park get very wet, and it is better to be safe than to get cold at the end of the day.

At this point in the day you will probably be exhausted, I recommend you head to the castle and try to save a good spot for the fireworks show, as it is very busy and those who arrive on time are usually in a bad place with reduced visibility. The fireworks show is called Happily Ever After, it is sensational, modern and includes both classic Disney characters and newer ones. Disney doesn't skimp on the fireworks, it's really beautiful, it's worth the fatigue of staying in the park until closing time.

Photo: Disney publicity

Photo: Disney publicity

This is an itinerary that I recommend doing only if you have little time in Orlando and want to enjoy more than one park in just one day. If you have many days to visit the parks, I don't recommend doing more than one park a day, because all the parks are huge, and deserve to be done calmly to enjoy most of their attractions, but as on this trip I didn't spend much time in Orlando. , this option has served me well. Don't forget to schedule all FastPass+ in advance, they make your day much faster, the waiting time at attractions is infinitely shorter with them, so plan well to combine your FastPass+ with your itinerary through the park.

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