Planning a Disney vacation? Learn about the importance of travel insurance and how to choose the ideal plan for a family trip

travel to disney is the dream of many Brazilians. The magical universe filled with iconic characters and lots of fun is a full plate for families traveling with children. However, even within this atmosphere of joy, it is necessary to think about unforeseen events.

THE Travel insurance it is a necessary service to guarantee more tranquility, especially on a trip with the family. As we can never predict tomorrow, ensuring precautionary medical care even in extremely safe activities, such as at Disney, is very important.

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Is travel insurance mandatory at Disney?

Disney travel insurance

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THE Travel insurance is not mandatory for anyone traveling to Disney parks in Orlando. Unlike European countries, travel insurance is not a requirement for Brazilians traveling to the United States. However, we can say that he is extremely necessary, as he offers assistance in many cases of problems and unforeseen events. 

Travel insurance covers expenses in situations such as medical appointments, ambulance transport, hospitalization and medication. In addition, travel insurance is still valid for other types of service, such as lost luggage, ticket rebooking, legal assistance and even repatriation of the body in the event of death.

Is it worth taking out travel insurance for Disney?

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Problems and unforeseen events are very boring situations that do not combine at all with a trip to Disney, a place that is synonymous with fun. However, it is necessary to be prepared on all types of travel – and that includes the parks in Orlando.

To give you an idea, a simple medical appointment in Orlando can cost around $6,000. Thus, it is easy to understand why taking out travel insurance is indispensable for anyone traveling to Disney. 

If necessary, in an emergency situation and without travel insurance, the tourist will have to pay exorbitant amounts even for simple medical procedures. In order not to count on luck and make a trip with safety and tranquility, it is very worthwhile to hire a Disney travel insurance

How much does travel insurance for Disney and Orlando cost?

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The value of travel insurance for Disney and Orlando will depend a lot on the number of people on the trip, how many days they will stay at the destination and which coverage is ideal to meet their needs. It is recommended, however, that it be a minimum of 40 thousand dollars, since, as we mentioned earlier, a simple procedure can be very expensive.

In a simulation for a trip of an adult up to 70 years old to the United States for 10 days, the total insurance value was R$202 in the classic coverage of the Allianz, the cheapest. Even so, these amounts include coverage of medical and hospital expenses of R$ 150 thousand, in addition to dental expenses of R$ 2,100, medical transfer of R$ 42 thousand and trip cancellation of R$ 3 thousand.

For coverage of R$ 500 thousand, the amount is R$334.03 with dental expenses of R$ 5 thousand, medical transfer of R$ 42 thousand and trip cancellation of R$ 4 thousand.  

How to buy travel insurance for Disney?

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Our tip for anyone looking for travel insurance for those traveling to Disney is the Allianz Travel, reference in travel insurance in Brazil and worldwide. You can quote directly on the company's website, which is very intuitive and easy to use. 

Just access the website clicking here and add information about your trip such as the number of people, destination, duration of the trip, among other details. The quote comes out immediately and you receive the policies in your email, in a practical and fast way. 

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