So far, production of the masks created by divers has helped remove more than 500 kilograms of plastic from the oceans.

There is no denying that the coronavirus pandemic is an extremely worrying moment. However, even in the face of this situation, some people manage to mobilize to do good.

Brazilian business groups, for example, are creating actions to get respirators to public hospitals. Now, in the United States, a group of divers is transforming plastic waste taken from the oceans – such as bottles – into masks that protect from contagion.

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The production of the masks is being carried out by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), located in California, in partnership with Rash'R, a brand that already sells fashion items made with waste taken from the oceans.

The company is producing the masks in five different models that follow the theme of preserving the oceans, with prints of whale sharks, stingrays, white sharks, among others. For children, there are also made-to-measure masks with fun prints.

divers plastic masks oceans

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So far, the idea has resulted in the sale of more than 15,000 items, even causing companies to increase production. Each reusable unit costs $20.40 and comes with five replacement filters. The value, according to the institutions, is the high cost involved in producing the artifacts.

According to the companies, the masks that have already been sold have helped to remove and repurpose more than 500 kilograms of waste from the oceans.

The importance of masks in the fight against coronavirus

divers plastic masks oceans

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Masks are extremely important items in the fight against coronavirus. The WHO recommends that all people use the device in public, as studies have shown that the virus spreads easily when we keep it and even breathe it.

In addition to being efficient, it is simple equipment, which does not require great complexity in its production and can be a great ally in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Brazil, protecting you and other people around you.

THE Ministry of Health published a tutorial which presents how people can produce their own homemade masks, following some specifications. The most important thing is that they are produced in the correct measurements, fully covering the mouth and nose and that they are well adjusted to the face, without leaving spaces on the sides.

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