Are you going to cross the border by bus or by private car? See what documents are required for immigration

Crossing the border between Brazil and some other country in Latin America, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, is a common act for many Brazilians, but still unexplored for others. In fact, it's something simple, which is usually a little more complicated just for entering Chile, but as far as documentation is concerned, you have to be careful not to have your entry blocked.

Are you about to cross the border and don't know which documents to bring?

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Find out below.

The documents required to cross the Brazilian border

When we talk about crossing the border, we are referring to doing it by land, that is: by bus or by car, whether rented or not.

The required documentation varies slightly according to the “modality”:

Documents required to cross the border by bus

For those who arrive in neighboring countries by bus, carrying an identity card (RG) within its validity is usually enough, considering that Brazilians do not need a passport to travel through Latin America, which includes border countries.

On the other hand, if you have a valid passport, take it with you on the trip, as it can be especially useful for getting an extra stamp.

Documents required to cross the border by car

For those who are going to cross the border by car, the list of documents becomes a little longer, whether own or rented.

It includes:

  •         Valid identity card of all passengers;
  •         Passport, optional, as long as it is valid (take it if you want to get a stamp);
  •         Driver's CNH (it is not accepted as an identification document, such as the RG);
  •         Car documents, including proof of rental, if applicable;
  •         Green Card.

The Green Card is nothing more than an insurance that must be purchased in order to be allowed to drive in Mercosur, providing assistance in cases of accident, and does not have an exact value (it will depend on the number of days that make up the trip). Check with your car rental company about this, or look for a broker if you are traveling with your own car.

NOTE: Children crossing the border must also carry an identification document, with ID being the most common. If they are traveling only with the mother, they must also carry a notarized authorization from the father, as well as the opposite (if traveling with the father, the mother must authorize. Both must write an authorization if the minor is traveling with a third party) .

Other important documents for crossing the border

In addition to the documents mentioned above, there are others that may be important for your entry into neighboring countries.

If you are traveling with electronics, for example, such as a laptop, take the invoice with you to avoid immigration problems. The immigration card (also called tarjeta migratória), provided by the international police, must also be kept close by, very well kept, to be presented when leaving the country visited.

It is valid for 90 days, can be renewed, and can be replaced by the stamp in the passport. Each person inside the vehicle must carry one or another proof of entry into the country.

The entry process, in turn, is usually quick and without much bureaucracy, except for Chilean territory, when it usually takes longer. As a rule, the steps include going through immigration for identification (by car or bus) and through customs to register the car and what is being transported inside it.

Some items are prohibited, such as meat, dairy products and vegetables, so don't be surprised if they ask to search your car and all your luggage. This, by the way, is a step that varies according to the officer who does the service: some can only look “from above”, while others will actually open each suitcase and compartment.

To learn more about the documents needed to cross the border, visit the websites below, related to crossing to Argentina and Chile (if one of them is your destination country):

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