Avoid problems when embarking on a trip to Europe, check the list of documents needed to enter the European continent

What is the destination of your next trip? Any country on the European continent? Did you know that, of all continents, it receives the most tourists? And it's no wonder, with all the history it has to tell and on top of that, facilitating the entry of travelers from different countries. But documents are still required to enter Europe, and without them you will undoubtedly be barred from immigration.

Certainly, in any trip, whether national or international, documents are required by the authorities. The European continent is the most visited by tourists and luckily, Brazilians traveling for tourism for up to 3 months do not need a visa to enter Europe. However, it is necessary to present some documents to be able to enter the country.

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In fact, the The list is not extensive, being composed of documents that, in any case, are essential for several international trips.

Finally, cCheck below what they are and get them as soon as possible if you really want to know the Old Continent peacefully.

Documents to enter Europe: what is required


Poznań – Poland. Photo: Dennis Jarvis / Flickr


Fundamental for any international trip (except for Mercosur, for Brazilians), the passport is undeniably one of the mandatory documents for anyone who is going to travel to Europe, and must be within its validity period, that is, it must have been issued less than 10 years ago. .

In addition, this document must also be valid for 90 days AFTER the trip has ended, especially if your destination is a Schengen Area country, consisting of:

  •         Belgium;
  •         Denmark;
  •         Germany;
  •         Finland;
  •         France;
  •         Greece;
  •         Iceland;
  •         Italy;
  •         Luxembourg;
  •         Netherlands;
  •         Norway;
  •         Austria;
  •         Portugal;
  •         Spain;
  •         Sweden;
  •         Czech republic;
  •         Estonia;
  •         Latvia;
  •         Lithuania;
  •         Hungary;
  •         Malta;
  •         Poland;
  •         Slovenia;
  •         Slovakia;
  •         Liechtenstein;
  •         Switzerland;
  •         Netherlands.

Only with these documents will you finally be authorized to check-in with the airline to Europe. However, who authorizes your entry into the country is the immigration officer. It usually requires:

Financial proof corresponding to the trip

Another of the documents to enter Europe, required when going through immigration, is the financial proof related to your trip, which basically means that you need to prove that you have enough money, in Euros, to stay in the destination country for the period informed. .

Bank statements, credit card limit vouchers and cash are just a few ways to show the responsible authority that there is the amount needed.

Travel insurance

This document is required, and for the greater good: in case of illness or accident during the trip, depending on the medical services of the visited country can mean compromising, and a lot, the budget. That's why travel insurance is among the documents to enter Europe, but it's not enough to be just any insurance: it must cover at least 30 thousand Euros.

Not all countries require travel insurance, but you should travel with one regardless of any requirement, as the costs in case of health problems or accidents are very high.

Extra tip: even when traveling to a country on another continent, which does not require this insurance, be sure to hire it.

return ticket

It is essential that you also present your return ticket to Brazil or another place that proves your departure from Europe. That is, andit will serve as proof that the maximum stay period of 90 days will be respected.


Upon arrival, also have your proof of accommodation with the details of the hotel or other chosen establishment. Furthermore, letters of invitation are also accepted as documents to enter Europe, and must be presented if you are going to stay at the residence of someone who is legally residing in the country you are visiting.


In fact, the visa itself is not required for tourists from more than 60 countries, including Brazil, but from 2021 this rule will change.

Will I need a visa to enter Europe?


Cordoba – Spain. Photo: Pixels4Free / Pixabay

No, the visa will not be required yet. However, as approved by the European Parliament in 2018, from 2021 a document authorization will be required to enter Europe, known as ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System).

From the year informed, before traveling, you will need to fill out an online form with information relevant to the trip, such as the country to be visited, and pay a fee of 7 Euros, which currently corresponds to approximately R$32.00. Therefore, once obtained, the permit will be valid for 3 years, being intended for visitors to the Schengen Area.

Learn more about it in this post.

Are you going to travel to the UK?


London, England. Photo: Julius_Silver / Pixabay

In this case, it will not be necessary to obtain a permit, as the country is not part of the Schengen Area. However, the other documents to enter Europe will be required in the same way.

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