A real version of the friendly train from the cartoon “Thomas and His Friends” won a real version at a Japanese festival. Know more:

A real version of the cute cartoon train "Thomas and his friends” is operating tours through Shizuoka Prefecture, in Japan. Animation delighted children of all generations, especially in the 80s and 90s. 

The replica of the train was assembled for the theme festival Day Out With Thomas, which officially started on June 26 and is expected to run until October 19. The event had its premiere postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now it has finally managed to open its doors. The festival is already known in the country and takes place annually. 

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Train from the cartoon “Thomas and His Friends” gets a real version in Japan 

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During this period, the train will operate daily traveling on the Oigawa Railway to Shizuok, Japanese province on the central Pacific coast, famous for harboring The Mount Fuji. During the trip, there will also be a lot of entertainment, such as the participation of the iconic characters from the animation, who will make appearances along the way. On board, passengers will also be able to purchase themed souvenirs. 

According to news published on the website Travel & Leisure, due to the pandemic, some extra care is being taken during the tour, such as checking the temperature before boarding and distancing passengers. Tickets for the tour cost around $60 for adults and $30 for children. So, for more information, just access the Oitagwa Railway website (site in Japanese). 

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