Lack of rain combined with preventive action to save water for energy production has changed the scenario of the Iguaçu Falls in recent days. See photos:

A different scenario from that found by tourists has taken over the Iguaçu Falls in recent days. Photographs show the famous rapids of the Iguacu National Park with little water. But this has an explanation: the lack of rain together with a preventive action to save water from the Iguaçu River for the production of electricity.

The information is from Paraná Electric Power Company (Copel), which monitors the region's waters. To give you an idea, in the last week the flow reached only 260 m³ per second, that is, five times less than the normal flow. This is the lowest flow since 2005, when it reached just 233 m³ per second.

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However, no tourist will see the Iguazu Falls with little water, since the park has been closed since March 18th due to actions to contain new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Check out the photos:

iguazu falls scenery

iguazu falls scenery

Photos: Publicity

About Iguaçu National Park 

THE Iguacu National Park, in Paraná is home to the largest remnant of Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil. The area protects a very rich biodiversity, made up of representative species of Brazilian fauna and flora, some of which are threatened with extinction.

Inside the park, the waterfalls of Iguaçu they extend along a semicircular strip of 2,700 meters in length, of which 800 meters are on the Brazilian side and 1,900 meters on the Argentine side.

The falls are made up of a varied number of jumps and falls that range from 150 to 270, depending on the volume of water in the river. The jumps have their own names such as Floriano, Deodoro, Benjamim Constant, but the most famous is the Devil's Throat.

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Chile in 360º: Explore the Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine by Mobile 

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