City on the Croatian coast guards historic landscapes and is the setting for series such as Game of Thrones

With an ancient history, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the charming city of Dubrovnik, which is on Croatia, has increasingly proved to be an attractive destination for lovers of beaches, history, cuisine and stunning landscapes. The central area of Dubrovnik It is considered UNESCO World Heritage Site, for maintaining a unique architecture, which dates back centuries of civilizations, most of the famous buildings date back to the golden period, between the 15th and 16th centuries. The Walls of Dubrovnik will provide you with an incredible immersion in the history of the region, while opening up a spectacular view of the horizon and the Mediterranean Sea. This defense complex, built during the Middle Ages, has been reinforced over the centuries to protect Dubrovnik from invaders. Its tunnels and observation towers are one of the most sought after locations in the destination.

Other place to meet in Dubrovnik is the cable car. This attraction takes tourists almost 800 meters to the top of one of the most imposing hills, from where it is possible to appreciate the entire historic center and the coast. In addition, there is a delicious restaurant with a breathtaking view for your meal. Back at sea level, wandering through the old streets and alleys of the Old Town, you will come across the majestic Dubrovnik Cathedral, one of the main landmarks of the city over the centuries. The current building was remodeled in the 18th century, receiving a strong influence from the Italian Baroque. However, it was erected in the same place that several churches, in Romanesque style, existed.

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In addition to the Cathedral, the streets of this region are lined with bars, restaurants and small museums. THE Stradun, the main artery of the central area, is exclusively for pedestrians, thus forming an irresistible invitation for a post-lunch walk, where the local scene is the main attraction. Not far away, you can appreciate the local art and history even more, visiting two buildings that are essential for those looking for the best attractions in Dubrovnik: the Sponza Palace and the Dominican Monastery. The Sponza Palace, initially built in 1022, has been remodeled over the centuries to serve the local nobles. Its restoration during the 16th century gave it its current aesthetic. The guided tour is recommended to appreciate the history and the beautiful pieces on display.

With walls carved in Gothic style, the Dominican Monastery is one of the oldest buildings in Dubrovnik, constituting one of the richest collections of local history. In addition, it is close to the complex known as King's Land, as it is the stage for the series' set. Game of Thrones. One such landmark, which brings the capital of Westeros to life, is the Bokar Fortress, which is part of the Centenary Defense Complex. For fans of the series, there are guided tours that take tourists to points that appear in the footage.

What to do in Dubrovnik

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walls of Dubrovnik

One of the most important postcards, this region concentrates a series of fortresses to defend Dubrovnik over the centuries. Its structure is surrounded by shops, restaurants and good gift shops. In addition, the guided tour of the tunnels and structures allows you to understand the strategic importance of the city as a Mediterranean trade route over the centuries. The view from the top is also lovely.

Sponza Palace

Seat of the feudal power of the region, the Sponza Palace is a place that since the High Middle Ages was used as the nerve center of political and military decisions. It was, over the years, receiving improvements and remodeling, until it became the current structure. Inside, important historical documents, iconographic material and works of art offer one of the richest museum collections.


Discover this one of the most important and imposing fortresses in the city, having been one of the main military points of thought and strategic defense of Dubrovnik. It is an interesting point to learn more about the local history.

Game of Thrones scenery

For fans of the Game Of Thrones series, it is worth exploring the city on the guided tour and getting to know some of the scenarios that bring King's Land, capital of Westeros, to life. Among the best-known sites are the Bokar Fortress. Dozens of other locations can be explored, getting to know a little of the real history of the region.

Cable car

Don't miss the opportunity to see the beautiful Dubrovnik from the heights and take a ride on this cable car, which takes tourists to the restaurant and observatory at the top of one of the most important hills in the city, from where photos, especially at sunset, are very popular.

Dominican Monastery

This medieval building, founded in 1225, is one of the Gothic exponents of the region, which gained worldwide fame and renown for being the setting for the Royal Palace of King's Land, from Game of Thrones. Lovers of the series and history need to know the space, which has a rich iconographic and sacred art collection.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Also present in the filming of Game Of Thrones, this imposing cathedral has one of the most beautiful domes in Croatia. Built in Romanesque style, it suffered from fires and various adversities over the centuries, having been restored and expanded several times. However, even with the changes, the space preserves a rich historical heritage and has not lost its place of majesty in the city.

Other places to visit in Dubrovnik:

– Lapad
– Stradun
– Lokrum
- gentlemen
– Lazareti

How to get to Dubrovnik

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The best way to get to Dubrovnik is via Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV), one of the busiest in Croatia. For some regions of the world, it is necessary to make a connection in Zagreb, the country's capital, Zagreb International Airport (ZAG). By train, Dubrovnik Central Station is connected to the country's capital and other important European destinations, especially in the Baltic.

Best time to visit Dubrovnik

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THE best time to visit Dubrovnik it is between the months of April to October, when the temperatures are more pleasant. Between June and August, summer in the region, it is worth reinforcing the use of sunscreen, as temperatures can reach 37°C.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik's Old Town is without a doubt the best neighborhood to stay in the city. A good hotel option is Boutique Hotel Kazbek.

For those looking for accommodation that offers a spectacular view of the sea, Hotel Neptun Dubrovnik occupies a quiet beachfront property on the Lapad Peninsula. Who, in turn, wants economy with comfort Hostel 365 It is one of the favorites of backpackers passing through the city.

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