Traveling to Jordan for the first time? We have separated some precious tips and important information to make your trip even safer and more fruitful.

THE Jordan is one of the great bets for those who want to get to know the diversity and richness of the Middle East. Bathed by the energy and exuberance of the Dead Sea, the country brings together different historical and cultural relics, making it an abundant destination for the delight of the most curious travellers.

This region has become a true dream for thousands of tourists, historians and archaeologists who want to see up close the magnificence of Petra, the country's postcard and one of Jordan's great attractions. With colors of orange hues, the Lost City, as it is popularly known, served as a stage and home for ancient civilizations over 2,000 years old.

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According to historical data, it was the Nabateans, ancestral peoples of the Arabs, who created the secret city, centered in a valley in the middle of the desert. This was a nomadic tribe that moved through long caravans and expeditions accompanied by hundreds of camels. Exquisite merchants, they did business with the Greeks, the Romans and the Persians. It was in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, in the south of Jordan, who built a true architectural treasure, with some features that still impress today.

A rich engineering was employed in the construction of Petra, they designed extremely modern buildings at the time, with details and infrastructure completely out of the ordinary. They used the engineering of more than 2,000 years ago to create hydraulic and architectural projects in a sublime way. Petra is the great symbol of this heyday and is about 3 hours from Amman, the country's capital, where the main international flights arrive.

Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

Jordan is very close to Israel, Palestine and Egypt, allowing integrated itineraries for those who want to live and enjoy the magic of the Holy Land. Thanks to the proximity to Israel and Egypt, more and more travelers are thinking of including Jordan in the same trip, but this region is much more than a plus in your roadmap by Middle East: you will surely fall in love and be surprised by the great potential found in these surroundings.

Petra: one of the most visited tourist destinations in Jordan. Photo: Spencer Davis / Unsplash

How is security in Jordan?

Unlike other countries that comprise the Middle East, Jordan does not have oil, gold or diamonds. It is completely outside the political conflict zones, which guarantees a safe and extremely inviting country. For these aspects, there are no war zones or motivations that can attract invaders.

In addition Jordan has a peace agreement with Israel, one of the most difficult countries to achieve this feat. Tourism is also one of the main economic sources of the country, which guarantees a large flow of foreign travelers, especially in the itinerary. Petra - Love.

Learn about security in Jordan and plan your trip. Photo: Yang Jing / Unsplash

Integrated itinerary with Israel, Egypt or Europe

Amman, the country's capital, receives flights from virtually all places in the world, facilitating connections with other destinations, whether for those who want to make an itinerary with a cultural, historical, religious or adventure tourism bias, it is easy to find different options for tours and activities in the country.

Some travelers take advantage of their stay in Portugal or Italy to extend their trip to some other Middle Eastern destination. Which can be more affordable, since the prices of flights between Europe and the Middle East are really attractive when compared to the air routes departing from South America.

How to get to Amman, capital of Jordan?

the airline Royal Air Maroc started flying to Amman from April 2019. Flights stop in Casablanca, in Morocco. From there, it takes an average of 10 hours to fly to the Jordanian capital. Amman receives international flights from several countries, being basically the gateway for foreign tourists. In Love to Petra, it's just 3 hours by car.

Millenary architecture in Petra, Jordan's “The Lost City”. Photo: Spencer Davis / Unsplash

How are Jordan's borders with Israel?

Despite the peace agreement with Israel, the land borders between Jordan and Israel can be tiring for foreign tourists. As Amman receives flights from different countries around the world, it can be a good option to avoid land borders to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Jordan is very close to Israel, Palestine and Egypt, allowing integrated itineraries through the Holy Land. Photo: @mousssss / Unsplash

What is there to do in Jordan besides Petra?

Jordan is a country full of stories, cultural itineraries and exotic destinations. But, in addition to the most visited, a multitude of options for tours can be done around the country: tours adventure, religious itineraries, luxury hotels, visits to the desert, tours for those looking for extreme sports, as well as the Dead Sea, one of the country's great treasures. Below we list some must-see places to visit in Jordan:

  • Amman – The capital of Jordan
  • Petra – The City of Stone
  • Dead Sea
  • Jerash ruins
  • Temple of Artemis in Jerash
  • Wadi Rum Desert Tour
  • Tomb of Obelisks (Obelisks Tomb)
  • Integrated itinerary with Egypt, Israel or Jerusalem

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