Discover flavors and spices on incredible routes food around the country to eat well traveling through Brazil

In addition to incredible history, culture and landscapes, Brazil also offers many flavors. This is because the country's miscegenation also contributed to the mixing of various ingredients and making our gastronomy truly unique. 

In this way, tasting typical dishes during a trip is also a way of absorbing knowledge, rescuing traditions and enjoying the best that destinations have. All five regions offer very tasty cuisine, but what are the best food routes in Brazil? We'll show you some highlights below so you can include them in your next planning. 

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It is worth remembering that knowing these routes is also a great opportunity to take the road and travel through beautiful scenery. Most of them, as they are located further away from cities, must be traveled by car. A tip to make the trip more practical and avoid setbacks is to rent a car. Localiza has agencies throughout Brazil and offers car rentals over the internet to make everything simple and fast. And yes: renting a vehicle can be easier and cheaper than you might think, it's worth making a online quote to verify. 

Eat well while traveling: discover the flavors of Brazil

Why do you travel? Yes, we know that this question involves many answers. Traveling can mean a moment of rest, an opportunity to gather friends and family, an occasion to be dazzled by incredible landscapes, as well as a chance to expand your cultural background. 

But, in addition, it is also a perfect reason to discover itineraries that can expand your knowledge about cooking. And often this doesn't just involve tasting a dish, but understanding the story behind it and knowing more about its production. That's what some gastronomic routes through Brazil offer: a complete experience. 

What are the best gastronomic routes in Brazil? 

As you may have already noticed, our country is a paradise for those who want to eat well while traveling. From north to south you can find the most varied dishes, able to please even the most demanding palates. It is difficult to choose the best gastronomic routes in Brazil because there are, in fact, many options. However, we separate some that many people still don't know and that also deliver a lot of history. So, get in the car, put on your seat belts and get ready for a real journey through spices, flavors and traditions!

Chocolate Route (Ilhéus/BA)

Eat well while traveling: discover the best gastronomic routes in Brazil

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For chocolate lovers, there is no better place in Brazil than Ilhéus. The Bahian city offers tourists the Estrada do Chocolate, a route that must be done by car along 40 kilometers full of delights. On the route, which goes to the city of Uruçuca via BR 101, there are 16 places that can be visited and that give tourists a real immersion in cocoa. 

It is possible to check from farms, which show the process of harvesting the plant, to factories, which show the process of producing the delicacies. Some of the spaces carry out a true return to the past, rescuing the history of cocoa farms in the region and showing how it all started. Along the way, there are still other attractions: lots of nature, with rivers, lakes, valleys and even waterfalls. 

The ideal is to perform car rental in Ilheus to carry out this route, since Localiza has a unit inside the city's airport. 

Route of historic canteens (Bento Gonçalves/RS)

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The city of Bento Gonçalves, in Serra Gaúcha, is a reference in the production of national wines. In fact, the municipality is home to some of the most renowned producers in the country. However, in addition to the drink, the heritage left by Italian immigrants also gifted the region with a rich and tasty cuisine. All these flavors can be tasted on the Historic Cantinas Route, a route that runs along a road in the Faria Lemos district.

As it is a little far from the center of Bento Gonçalves, the ideal is for the route to be carried out at the rent a car in Porto Alegre. Along the way, in addition to the tasty pasta, you can taste and take home various colonial products, such as salami, biscuits, cheese, among others. It is an opportunity to taste family recipes that have passed down through generations to the present day. The landscape also helps, as the route is made up of bucolic scenery, wooden houses and vineyards. 

Cheese Route (Serra da Canastra/MG)

Eat well while traveling: discover the best gastronomic routes in Brazil

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The Serra da Canastra National Park, located in the southwest of Minas Gerais, is known for its preserved nature and an immense opportunity for ecotourism activities. However, those who go in search of adventures also find a very famous delicacy: canasta cheese. The altitude and climate of the place contribute to the production of full-bodied and tasty cheese, considered Intangible Heritage of Brazil.

Produced in seven cities in the region, it is possible to visit – and taste – several houses that manufacture the delicacy, with São Roque de Minas being the municipality most visited by tourists. It is also an opportunity to get a closer look at the production process of this cheese that has gained fame and recognition throughout the country. 

Coffee Route (Serra Negra/SP)

Eat well while traveling: discover the best gastronomic routes in Brazil

Gastronomic routes in Brazil. Photo: Pixabay

The city of Serra Negra, in the interior of São Paulo, began its trajectory as a major coffee producer in the mid-1880s. The traditions left by Italian immigrants who worked in the fields persist in the region to the present day. 

The coffee route is a path that rescues this history, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful landscapes of the region, in addition to visiting museums, wineries, restaurants, ranches and, of course, old coffee farms. Ideally, the route, which is only 8 kilometers long, can be traveled by car, which will give you more freedom to discover all the delights produced in the city. 

Moqueca Route (Vitória/ES)

Eat well while traveling: discover the best gastronomic routes in Brazil

Gastronomic routes in Brazil. Photo: Pixabay

When visiting Espírito Santo, at some point you will hear the phrase “Moqueca only capixaba, the rest is fish”. That's because the moqueca capixaba is the real gastronomic treasure of the region, the result of a mixture left by Indians, Africans and European settlers. The dish prepared with seafood must be included in your itinerary through Vitória and surroundings.  

The one known as “Rota do Sol e da Moqueca” passes through the cities of Vitória, Serra, Guarapari, Vila Velha and Anchieta, contemplating several restaurants that serve the delicacy, prepared in clay pots. In addition, beautiful beaches, natural beauty and cultural attractions can be enjoyed along the way. 

We are sure that after reading this text your appetite only increased. Take the opportunity to schedule a car trip to the best gastronomic routes in Brazil. In addition to history and a lot of culture, it is an opportunity to explore and understand the origin of the best flavors of our country!

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