Thinking of traveling to Argentina? Discover these 6 sustainable accommodations that contribute to natural preservation

The number of hotels or lodgings that offer a service that does not harm nature is increasing. They are called sustainable hosting or ecological accommodation, as they have an architecture built from the preservation of the natural ecosystem, which generates a separate attraction because it does not propose a conventional structure, as well as daily practices that value awareness about the environment.

If you intend to travel to Argentina it's worth knowing these sustainable hosting below that adopted the premises of environmental commitment.

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Palo Santo Hotel, Buenos Aires

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

Located in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, The Palo Santo Hotel stands out for being the first Latin American urban hotel to adopt a sustainable architecture. Composing a vertical garden about 28 meters high, its façade draws attention to the interior of the hotel. The accommodation has 800 botanical curtains that help to reduce the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere, in addition to being an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

The internal hydraulic system reuses rainwater in addition to drip irrigation. The hotel has already received several recognition awards for its sustainable design – First Prize of the Green+Hotels Contest – as the O Best Sustainable Hotel Project.

Delta Eco Hotel, Buenos Aires

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

This eco-friendly hotel located in Buenos Aires surrounded by an immense preserved garden also has a spa for body and facial treatments. Delta Eco Hotel offers numerous proposals for enjoying nature such as walks in the green area and relaxing to the sound of nature. Another way to enjoy the beautiful green space that surrounds the hotel is by kayaking on the inner canals. In order to preserve nature, some recommendations must be followed, such as, for example, smoking is not allowed around the hotel.

Hotel del Nomade, Argentine Patagonia

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

From the concepts of comfort, peace and harmony with nature, the Hotel del Nomad offers a stay accompanied by responsibility for environmental preservation. Located in the Tourist Village of Puerto Pirámides within the Península Valdes Nature Reserve, the accommodation is surrounded by a preserved green area, as well as attitudes that reduce environmental impacts. In 2012 it received the award for the greenest hotel in Argentina. Documentarians from all over the world have stayed at this hotel in order to capture the region's maritime life.

Cabanas Delta de Tigre El Pegote, Buenos Aires

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

This hotel, located in Tigres, Buenos Aires, approximately 700 meters from Museo Sarmiento and Paula Albarricín Library, is premised on the sustainable tourism, where what is in vogue is the appreciation of nature, learning and contact at the expense of irresponsible consumption. The accommodations are very comfortable and guests are welcomed by the owners themselves. As the images illustrate, immersion in nature is the potential of this accommodation.

Ocean Patagonia, Patagonia Argentina

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

An accommodation in the heart of Patagonia, on the beach of Puerto Pirámides, has an unparalleled approach to the ocean, where you can enjoy the crystal blue waters. Equipped with everything you need for several days of comfort, the modern structure presented by the architectural proposal was built from recyclable wood, ensuring sustainable consumption of nature.

Its privileged location allows the guest to visit and explore the surroundings surrounded by preserved nature, in addition to the ocean that allows incredible views.

La Selva Village, Misiones

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

Located in Misiones, in the northeast of the country, on the border with Paraguay, this eco hotel it is in the interior of the Iriapú jungle and has easy access. A lodging committed to sustainable development and ecotourism. Responsibility towards nature begins with the separation of organic waste that is used as fertilizer for the gardens and vases that make up the landscape of the accommodation. In addition to the beautiful natural view, the hotel has a swimming pool, typical cuisine and services for relaxation in relation to nature.

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