The Fernando de Noronha trails are among the main attractions to discover in the Pernambucano archipelago. Check out all the available paths to take a walk in the destination

A very interesting way to get to know the island of Fernando de Noronha it's through the good old fashioned walk. the wanderings by trails within the Marine Park are always promoted under the guidance and supervision of IBAMA and accredited guides.

The paths are filled with beautiful landscapes that alternate from the intense green of the forest that covers the island to the intense turquoise blue of the waters that surround the island. There are several options for trails with visits to ruins, viewpoints, beaches and caves.

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Walk Praia do Atalaia / Pedra Alta

Trail short and easy access to a true natural aquarium perfect for diving and getting to know the variety of marine fauna. Then a short walk to Pedra Alta, where the visitor can enjoy the panoramic and privileged view.

Lighthouse Trail

THE trail starts at Praia do Sancho and ends near Ponta da Sapata, the trail is quiet and cuts through an exuberant region with extraordinary viewpoints.

Historical Walk in Noronha

Starting in the village of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, the visitor will have the opportunity to see some historical buildings such as the São Miguel Palace, then go through 3 beautiful beaches.

Walk Praia do Cachorro / Praia do Meio / Praia da Conceição / Boldró / Praia do Americano / Praia do Bode / Cacimba do Padre / Baía dos Porcos

Trail that starts at Praia do Cachorro, going through the beaches of Meio and Conceição. In this stretch, the walk can only be done during low tide, continuing along the beaches of Boldró, Americano, Bode and Cacimba do Padre, the best place to surf. Then follow a trail to Baía dos Porcos, a perfect place for free diving.

Fernando de Noronha trails

Fernando de Noronha trails. Photo: Disclosure

Sancho Bay Walk / Porcos Bay Lookout with Dois Irmãos Hill

Entering the National Park, a suspended structure takes the visitor to a small, self-guided trail with easy access. In the dense vegetation it is common to see tejus and some mocós – a small rodent that was introduced to the island during the time of the militants.

In a few meters of walk, the first viewpoint that gives a view of Praia do Sancho from the top, also serves as a gateway, with an unusual access, but nothing impossible. In the tight gap, two aluminum stairs help visitors on their way down, then only an open-air stone staircase separates tourists from the beach that was twice voted the most beautiful in the world.

Before going down the crevice, it is also interesting to know the other two sides, following the forks of the suspended trail that gives access to all the viewpoints within the Park. On the right side, the view of the biggest postcard of Noronha, Morro Dois Irmãos along with the crystalline waters of Baía dos Porcos.

Elizabeth Garden

One trail short that cuts through a stretch of dense forest, passing through an alley of cajazeiras and crossing an 18th century bridge. The walk ends at Praia do Cachorro.

Abreus Cove

THE trail It is 2km away on a path between Praia do Atalaia and Baía do Sueste. Its beginning is in the old quarry where it is possible to see the natural pools of Abreus.

Fernando de Noronha trails

Fernando de Noronha trails. Photo: Disclosure

Dolphin Bay

THE trail to Baía do Golfinhos is the quietest on the island, with access built in wood to a 70m high wall that serves as a lookout for the bay famous for the large number of spinner dolphins that live in the place.

Pontinha walk

One of trails most difficult on the island is totally dedicated to people with great physical condition. The walk begins with a stretch formed by rocks next to the sea outside, passing through Enseada das Caeiras to Pontinha. There is no possibility of diving on this side of the Island, but the view is worth any effort.

Walk to Praia do Leão / Caracas / Praia do Sueste

On this route, the tour has 3 stops, the first is at Praia do Leão, famous for being the chosen place for sea turtles to lay their eggs, through an easily accessible trail, following to the viewpoint of Ponta das Caracas and, for Finally, stop for free diving in Baía do Sueste, where we can see many sea turtles.

Fernando de Noronha trails

Fernando de Noronha trails. Photo: Disclosure

Capim Açu Trail

Great difficulty hike inside the National Park accompanied by IBAMA guides. On this trail, the native vegetation of the island can be observed. Stop at a viewpoint and lighthouses and visit the Capim Açu Cave.

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