The Ministry of Tourism of Egypt recently announced that it will ban the use of camels and horses in tourist visits to the pyramids of Giza, a measure that arises after pressure from various animal protection associations and is part of the Giza 2030 program.

According to the international press, the Giza 2030 program aims to promote more responsible and sustainable tourism in the area where the pyramids are located, which is considered a place of high tourist and archaeological interest.

camel ban in egypt

Egypt bans camels and horses from tourist visits to the pyramids of Giza. Photo: jarekgrafik / Pixabay

The measure was celebrated by many, as camels and horses were used for sightseeing in Egypt's main tourist spots, where in addition to suffering from the scorching heat, lack of access to food, water and shade, they were also victims of aggression. , injuries caused by the sector's infrastructure and other forms of ill-treatment. An achievement that, above all, was highly applauded by PETA Asia, an organization that cares for animal rights, which for a year campaigned against the terrible abuses suffered by these living beings.

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camel ban in egypt

Photo: adamtepl / Pixabay

PETA Asia managed to summon nearly half a million people who sent letters to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to stop this mistreatment. Representatives of the organization also met with government officials to end this abuse of camels, horses and donkeys. This advance is now celebrated by many and will allow the replacement of these animals by buses and other electric vehicles.

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