THE famous Rota das Emoções was considered by the MTur the best integrated tourist route in the country 

The route passes through the states of Ceará, Piauí and maranhão aboard speedboats, 4×4 vehicles, buggy, hiking and a lot of emotion, having some of the most desired landscapes in northeastern Brazil as a backdrop. THE Route of Emotions, as it is popularly known, seeks to show a still little explored part of the Brazilian northeast in a unique route full of adventure and good doses of emotion in each of the destinations.

With the objective of unifying the strongest tourist points of each of the three states, the Route of Emotions is an itinerary developed in partnership with SEBRAE and the Ministry of Tourism and was recently considered the best tourist itinerary in the country. Some companies offer personalized travel packages making the same itinerary for tourists from all over the world, one of the pioneers is the agency eco adventure, based in Parnaíba. The agency offers options with transport and accommodation included, with customized dates according to your travel time.

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In this itinerary, the destinations visited are small towns, villages, nature reserves, rivers, peninsulas, lagoons and some of the emblematic tourist spots in Brazil, such as the charming village of Jericoacoara, a true oasis and one of the main destinations in Ceará, known worldwide for its paradisiacal beauties and pleasant climate.

The trip also passes through more traditional communities and villages, such as the village of Atins and Santo Amaro do maranhão, villages that live on the margins of the dunes of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Near Barreirinhas, a speedboat ride on motorized canoes takes tourists to the communities of Mandacaru and to Vassouras, where visitors can see the capuchin monkeys that dominate the beach interacting with tourists without any worries.

Very close there is also the Peninsula in caburé, another stop on the route that follows the calm waters of the Rio Preguiças. Want a dip in fresh or salt water? On Caburé beach, in addition to quad bike rides, travelers have the option of bathing in the sea or in the river, just crossing the strip of sand that forms the peninsula surrounded by water.

At the Piauí the landscapes continue to amaze, thanks to the speedboat rides on the Delta of paranaíba, the largest in the Americas, with a night safari with observation of different animals and during the day the alternative is to enjoy the charming beach village of Barra Grande, a surprising destination and still little known on the Piauí coast.

Macapá Beach in Luís Correa, Piauí. Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Sunset in the Parnaíba Delta. Photo: Edilson Morais Brito

Delta do Parnaiba. Photo: Edilson Morais Brito

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Photo: via DazzlingPlaces

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Photo: Juliana Moraes Souza

Jericoacoara. Photo: Angelo Appiani

Jericoacoara. Photo: Thiago Roseanatur

Sunset Dune, Jericoacoara. Photo: via Flickr – superclaudissimo

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