An elephant seal was seen near the rocks of Praia do Arpoador, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, 

Surfers and bathers were surprised by an unexpected visitor this Monday morning. An elephant seal was 'surfing' in the waves of Praia do Arpoador, in an almost crystalline sea. Apparently the animal did not feel coerced by the people who were nearby and was quite comfortable during the dive.

This fact is not unheard of, but surprises like this are rare and impress everyone who has the opportunity to see it live. This is one of the mandatory stops for anyone visiting the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

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The stones are located between the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, one of the best known tourist spots in the city, a stronghold for surfers and bathers who choose this part of the beach to take a dip or admire the view of Ipanema Beach, especially during sunset. of the sun.

Elephant seal swimming in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Helena Barretto

These animals are not called 'elephants' by exaggeration, some males of this species can reach 6.5 meters, weighing more than 5 tons when they reach adulthood. In one of the videos, shared on social media, a woman was surprised by the size of the animal: “Look, it looks like a whale. It's giant!"

It was not the first time that these animals were recorded, two years ago, another elephant seal was spotted on the Brazilian coast, in Balneário Camboriú, on Praia de Laranjeiras. This one, by the way, was even bigger and weighed about 2 tons.

Elephant seal in Rio de Janeiro

Elephant seal in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Helena Barretto

elephant seal

Photo: Helena Barretto

Sea Lion in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Agnes Dietrich/Personal archive

Bathers may be fined in Rio de Janeiro

The records were made four days after the statement made by Marcelo Crivella, mayor of the city, informing that he will only release the beaches of Rio de Janeiro after the vaccine for Covid-19. The statement was made during a press conference.

Since the beginning of the month, Rio has reopened its beaches for physical exercise and water sports, having as a rule the obligation to maintain social distance and the use of masks, in addition to avoiding possible agglomerations as much as possible.

As a measure to reduce the number of people on the beaches and maintain respect for the rules implemented, the mayor suggested fines people who violate the newly released rules.

Despite efforts to relax confinement policies in the city of Rio de Janeiro, contrary to the opinion of doctors and health experts, many bathers have ignored the containment rules in the city. Unfortunately, the city of Rio de Janeiro is not able to guarantee positive results to contain the pandemic in the city and already counts more than 129 thousand confirmed cases.

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