New Year's Eve in the Amazon, experience and renewal trip for those who want to get away from common destinations 

Join your friends on a boat with daily tours and snorkeling stops. On the menu, cocktails are available 24 hours a day, accompanied by a lot of chat and delicious typical meals always well served. Include the Amazon and the untouched nature of this part of Brazil as the perfect backdrop for this trip. This is the experience promoted by the AMZ Projects, an agency of For specializing in experience travel.

In this turn, part of our team went to cover a trip end of the year what happens in amazon paraense for the seventh consecutive year. The trip is one of those dream trips that brings together people from Brazil and around the world for 6 days aboard typical boats from the North region, in a tour of almost a week. A different way to get to know and be enchanted by the beauties of the Amazon, make new friends and even enjoy an exclusive New Year's Eve party on a deserted beach.

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Stop on the banks of the Arapiuns River, in Ponta do Icuxi. Photo: Gustavo Albano

During all the days of the trip, the vessel continues sailing through the immensity of the Tapajos River and Arapiuns River, visiting some riverside communities with strategic stops in streams of crystalline waters, with walks and trails in the forest covering the Tapajos National Forest, in addition to other stops on paradisiacal beaches and a complete program including a private party in the middle of this paradise in Pará. The regional-style boat has accommodations that can be in a hammock or in private cabins with all meals and drinks included. The vessel is also all stylized to receive passengers and make the environment even more pleasant and conducive to countless days of parties.

The proposal that started out as just a meeting of friends in Pará, today has become one of the most awaited attractions for those who are going to spend New Year's Eve in the state, attracting people from various places to enjoy this experience. The itinerary is complete and dedicated especially for those who want to enjoy a different end of the year, away from the hustle, getting to know several cool corners of the Amazon and the state of Pará.

Stop at the Igarapé of the community of Jamaraquá, in the Tapajós National Forest. Photo: Gustavo Albano

The Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers are full of beaches and streams with crystal clear waters. Photo: Gustavo Albano

The boarding location could not be better, the trip starts in the village of Alter do Chão, in the municipality of Santarém, one of the main tourist attractions in the North region, which serves as a base and meeting point for travelers who embark on this experience. The village itself is already a charm on its own, being known worldwide as the “Amazon Caribbean” – also considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Ilha do Amor, portal card of Alter do Chão. Photo: Gustavo Albano

The vessel has two floors, at the bottom a living space to serve breakfast and other meals, along with the kitchen and two private cabins. In the upper area, there is a hammock area, two more cabins and the open-air bar with a lively playlist including carimbó and other regional gems. The bar is also where everyone spends most of their time as we browse, chatting and approving the drinks made in different preparations. Jambu cachaça, fruit caipirinha and cold beer are guaranteed at all stops and during navigation.

Each year, in addition to the traditional stops in riverside communities, visits to artisans, streams and deserted beaches, a different place is also chosen to spend the New Year at an exclusive party. In this edition, the point chosen to celebrate was Ponta do Icuxi, a more than pleasant stop bathed by the majestic Arapiuns River. In addition to the boat passengers, the local community also participates in the party, along with other tourists from Alter do Chão who arrive on the beach by other boats. Interested in the trip? See the itineraries AMZ Projects for this and other times of the year.

Trail through the Tapajós National Forest. Photo: Gustavo Albano

The boat also stops in some riverside communities. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Community members love to interact with tourists. Photo: Gustavo Albano

At the feet of grandma Sumaúma, in the Tapajós National Forest. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Getting ready for New Year's Eve. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Boat of the Saúde & Alegria Project at Ponta do Icuxi, on the Arapiuns River. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Sunset at Ponta do Cururu, close to Alter do Chão. Photo: Gustavo Albano

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