New Year's Eve Trips- Beaches, islands, countryside or countryside? Check out the options we have separated for end-of-year trips in Brazil and choose your destination

The dreamed and deserved end of year trips are approaching! Brazilian paradisiacal scenarios have conquered more and more tourists looking for a destination with parties to make their end-of-year trip worthwhile.

In the itineraries you will find beaches with greenish waters, freshwater baths, charming inns or accommodation in rustic campsites by the sea, as in Praia do Aventureiro, in Ilha Grande (RJ), one of the hundred beaches that can be visited on the island.

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Another highly rated alternative is the destinations in the Northeast, numerous beaches and towns are even more exciting at this time of year. Now if your destination to spend New Year's Eve Whether in the mountains or in the mountains, Cambará do Sul, Gramado or Campos do Jordão can be some of the many options.

To help you choose the ideal destination and prepare your bags for the end-of-year festivities, check out these and other places for your next vacation. end of year trips:

End of year trips to Ilha Grande – RJ

Photo: Murray Foubister / Flickr

THE Big Island is the largest and busiest of the 365 islands that are located in Angra dos Reis, according to one of the most chosen destinations for year-end trips. A Brazilian paradise that deserves to be visited at any time of the year, thanks to its peaceful beaches and mountains covered by the Atlantic Forest that are still well preserved.

THE Vila do Abraão, in the center of the island, is where most of the accommodations are concentrated and also hosts parties and special programs for the new year, but the other beaches on the island can also be great alternatives for more reserved parties. Ilha Grande is a perfect trip to spend New Year's Eve with your feet in the sand.

End of year trips in Gramado – RS

End of year trips in Brazil

Photo: MTur Disclosure

THE Rio Grande do Sul has its many charms, and spend the end of year vacation na serra is an option for those looking for quieter places to travel as a family, away from the hustle and bustle of the season.

The city is also famous for Christmas light, which takes place during the Christmas period, but extending your stay until the New Year can be rewarding. The city hall organizes various activities through the city's streets to welcome the new year, with a parade and a special show, in addition to the countdown and fireworks that mark the new cycle. Gramado is one of the main end-of-year trips in the Southern Region of Brazil.

End of year trips in Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Photo: MTur

Lots of parties all day, lively people and natural landscapes to leave anyone with their jaws dropped: these are the characteristics of the new year on the most famous beach in Brazil. Want something more exclusive? The tip is to take advantage of the closed schedule that takes place in different hotels and nightclubs. Another option for those who want to stay in the middle of the crowd, the Reveillon on Copacabana Beach is historic!

It is worth enjoying the spectacular fireworks display, followed by a show by several Brazilian artists. To get out of the hustle and bustle of the beach, stay in hotels Grand Mercure Hotel or Othon Palace, located on the avenue in front, can be a well located option. Certainly going to Rio de Janeiro at this time will be one of the most surprising end-of-year trips of your life!

End of year trips in Campos do Jordão – SP

Photo: Juliana Cintra / MTUR

In São Paulo, Campos do Jordão it is surrounded by the beauties of the Mantiqueira mountain range, a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy cold days in a cozy destination. The city guarantees its visitors a beautiful party in the central square, full of harmony, peace and tranquility. In addition, there is nothing better than enjoying good cuisine in one of the many restaurants scattered around its charming streets. The experience can be very popular, so don't forget to book your reservation in advance.

End of year trips in Ilhabela – SP

End of year trips in Brazil

Photo: MTUR

The most beloved of the coast of São Paulo, Beautiful island, in addition to being a year-end trip near São Paulo, it also offers a peaceful environment, with waterfalls, beaches and mountains.

A paradisiacal place with attractions for all styles, whether to enjoy an end-of-year trip with the family or with a group of friends. The most popular beaches during the celebrations are: Praia Grande, Praia do Portinho, Praia do Perequê, Vila and Praia do Sino, places where the city hall organizes beautiful fireworks to welcome the new year. Like the idea? Make your year-end trip to Ilhabela.

End of year trips in Búzios – RJ

Photo: Thiago Freitas / MTUR

There is no lack of fun on the sands of Búzios. THE new year's eve party is guaranteed in every corner of the city. The excitement takes over on the beaches of Geribá and Praia Brava, where live music and open bar parties take place. For those who prefer to rest, the tip is to visit the calm waters of the beaches. Sorrel and Sorrel, João Fernandes, Ferradura and Forno, with complete hotels and resorts very close to the beach.

End of year trips in Trancoso – BA

Photo: jaboticaba / Shutterstock

The most coveted parties to celebrate the new year are in trancoso, one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Bahia, with a sea that impresses even more in the summer. Take the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties during the day, take that panoramic photo of envy and still feel the energy of the best electronic music at local parties. Get ready for an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

End of year trips in Jericoacoara – CE

End of year trips in Brazil

Photo: Casal Departed / Flickr

THE Jericoacoara village is already known as a true paradise in Ceará, but during the end of the year, the small village receives an extra charm. In Jeri, there are several private New Year's Eve parties, offered in charming inns, with live music, cocktails and international DJ's. The traditional John John Rocks party also promises to bring a lot of excitement to those who chose to celebrate New Year's Eve in Jeri.

End of year trips in Aracaju – SE

Photo: Cleverton Ribeiro / MTur

It's always good to start the year on the right foot, and there's nothing better than delighting in the region's typical cuisine, such as crab, crab and mussel meals. Every year, the restaurant Moqueca Alagoana, located on the traditional Orla de Atalaia, organizes a divine party for all visitors to have a great time on this end-of-year trip.

End of year trips in Guarda do Embaú – SC

Photo: svnbg / Flickr

The coast of Santa Catarina is formed by several cliffs that create true natural paradises, it is difficult to choose a single destination in this immensity of options, but certainly visiting the Embaú Guard it will be charming.

Escaping a little from the traditional New Year's Eve of Jurerê Internacional, when visiting Guarda do Embaú, you will find a rustic and cozy atmosphere, with charming inns and restaurants in the village and close to the beach. Visiting this Santa Catarina paradise during one of your year-end trips can be a good choice for those who enjoy nature, beautiful beaches and popular parties with lots of young people.

End of year trips in Maceió - AL

Photo: André Palmeira / MTUR

With highlights for Jacarecica beach, where the New Year's Celebration takes place every year to shake the Alagoas capital with pyrotechnic shows and lots of music. Ponta Verde and Pajuçara beach are perfect to visit during the day, taking advantage of the structures of the seaside kiosks. During your trip, be sure to visit the natural attractions near Alagoas. the beaches of gunga, French and Foz do Rio São Francisco are unmissable stops. Do you have more time? Book one or more days to discover maragogi, which is even more beautiful during the summer, with its extremely clear turquoise blue sea.

End of year trips in Porto de Galinhas – PE

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa / Flickr

Who chooses to spend the New Year in Port of Chickens, you can take advantage of the natural pools to take a dip, relax in an all-inclusive resort on the beach or enjoy the village, always with lots of Northeastern music playing in the bars and restaurants. Porto de Galinhas is located in the Pernambuco municipality of Ipojuca, and can be the perfect choice to welcome the new year with your feet in the sand, enjoying one of the best end-of-year trips in Brazil.

End of year trips in Florianópolis – SC

End of year trips in Brazil

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Caio Vilela / MTur

What floripa it has many charms everyone already knows and at the end of the year it couldn't be different. Its beautiful beaches always attract tourists from different places, but it is in the new year that the island receives even more visitors for the New Year's Eve parties. The luxurious celebrations in the northern part, in Jurerê Internacional and Praia Brava, bring an ideal climate to enjoy good parties by the sea.

End of year trips in Boipeba – BA

Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

Another perfect destination for this time of year is the island of Boipeba, which is part of the Tinharé Archipelago, close to the busiest Sao Paulo hill. Travelers looking for quiet and deserted beaches, lots of nature and a calm sea, will not be disappointed. To reach paradise, there are two ways to make the journey, by boat or plane. And once you're there, get ready to take a speedboat ride, which visits different beaches, such as Boca da Barra and stops at the natural pools of Moreré and Ponta dos Castelhanos, one of the most beautiful on the island.

End of year trips in Balneário Camboriú – SC

End of year trips in Brazil.

Photo: Daniel Vianna / MTUR

Want to take a holiday trip to please the whole family? Several agencies offer packages to enjoy the New Year's Eve parties in Balneário Camboriú. On this trip you can mix a beach day at the famous Brava beach, a cable car ride through Laranjeiras and even set aside a few days to have fun at Beto Carrero World, children and teenagers will love it!

End of year trips in Fortaleza – CE

new year's eve 2020

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Jade Queiroz / MTUR

Lots of joy and high spirits highlights Strength as one of the best places to enjoy the new year in Brazil. The program has free shows at Praia de Iracema, a place with an excellent location, very close to good hotels and inns. Lovers can also choose the beaches of Lagoinha and Flecheiras, to enjoy a quieter climate. And if you have children, they are sure to love the attractions at the Beach Park water park.

New Year's Eve on the Maraú Peninsula - BA

End of year trips in Brazil

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

THE Maraú Peninsula, in the southern region of Bahia, is marked by the wonderful beaches that bathe the northeastern coast. A perfect spot to dive and enjoy nature in a quiet Bahian destination and without much tourist traffic, compared to other great destinations in the state. In recent years, tourists have started to explore its beautiful natural pools and choose the location as the stage for New Year's celebrations, so, in addition to traditional events, new parties enter the region's agenda every year.

New Year's Eve at Praia do Rosa - SC

new year's eve 2020

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

With a reputation as a beach for young people and quite popular, Praia do Rosa holds New Year's Eve parties that attract great personalities, the so-called Virada Mágica, which takes place at Pousada Fazenda Verde do Rosa, in a cabin by the sea, is just one of them.

New Year's Eve in Guarapari - ES

Photo: Marcelo Moryan / MTur

Many people forget the great tourist potential of the state of Espírito Santo when selecting interesting places to travel, but the city of Guarapari has a very lively end of the year among locals and visitors. Tourists who decide to go there will have more than 30 beaches to visit, in addition to having fun at the party at Yacht Club Siribeira and on the Areia Preta and Castanheiras beaches. Visit the city's website to see the end-of-year travel options in Guarapari.

New Year's Eve in Ilhéus – BA

new year's eve 2020

Photo: vanialima3 / Pixabay

Want a quiet place for your New Year's Eve? Enjoy one of the best end-of-year trips in Brazil by visiting the address of writer Jorge Amado. islets brings together beautiful landscapes in the same destination with history that can be enjoyed in its center full of mansions. To relax, set aside one or more days to rest on its wild beaches, mangroves and waterfalls. A different and interesting tour to complete your trip is to visit one of the numerous cocoa plantations in the region.

New Year's Eve in Arraial do Cabo – RJ

End of year trips in Brazil

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Thiago Freitas / MTUR

Cable camp It became one of the most visited beaches by Brazilians in the last year, and it's no wonder, with its white sands and a blue sea it's impossible not to fall in love with every detail of the national diving capital. The city does not have a great infrastructure for sophisticated tourism, but its cozy inns and beautiful landscapes make the place one of the favorites for New Year's Eve. Maybe this could be one of your next holiday trips.

New Year's Eve in Pipa - RN

new year's eve 2020

Photo: Humberto Sales / MTur

THE Praia da Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte is a true stronghold of dolphins, turtles and marine species, who knows, you might be lucky enough to see one of these beautiful animals. At Baía dos Golfinhos, observe the animals jumping and playing freely through the waters, almost always accompanied by two or three others of the same species. In addition, once you arrive at your destination, you can already see the imposing cliffs covered by the Atlantic Forest, white dunes and the charming village.

End of year trips in Salvador – BA

new year's eve 2020

Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

Always wanted to take a year-end trip to Bahia? It's not just Carnival that lives savior, the capital of Bahia is also known for being one of the destinations that tourists choose for holiday trips. The city offers leisure alternatives for all audiences, with a mixture of peoples that resulted in a vast and rich culture, art and gastronomy of its own. Certainly the joy of the people of Bahia infects the beaches and historic streets of the region, certainly spending New Year's Eve in Bahia couldn't be better.

New Year's Eve in Maresias - SP

End of year trips in Brazil

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: easydayout / Flickr

Every year the coast of São Paulo attracts more tourists to enjoy its beaches, one of them is Maresias, located in the northern region of the state. End of year trips become a great option for those who need to rest for a few days and get away from the big city.

Maresias is one of the most famous beaches in the municipality of São Sebastião and brings together people who seek to cool off in its clear waters, surfers, lovers of good local cuisine and partygoers who seek to enjoy the night in nightclubs.

End of year trips in Porto Seguro – BA

Photo: Marcio Filho / MTur

Can you imagine choosing Trancoso for one of your end-of-year trips? Lots of heat, sea and three consecutive days of partying, these are just some of the differences that can be found in safe harbor during your year-end trip. The New Year's Eve Axé Moi, held on Taperapuan beach, one of those that offer the best tents, restaurants and infrastructure to serve all tourists visiting the region, welcome every year with great names in music for the days of celebrations.

New Year's Eve in Angra dos Reis – RJ

Photo: Antonio Campoy / Flickr

Another unmissable destination on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, is known as a stronghold for many famous people and its fame comes from the hundreds of islands scattered in a sea that varies from green to blue.

If you still haven't decided which end-of-year trips are your favorite, know that spending the summer in Angra dos Reis, enjoying New Year's Eve with boat trips and lots of diving, could be the right destination for you and your friends. The best way to get to know each corner and enjoy your trip even more is by taking a speedboat ride or with regional boats. You can also find great options for inns, resorts and luxury hotels in the city.

New Year's Eve in Itacaré – BA

End of year trips in Brazil

End of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

There are so many leisure options in Itacare, in Costa do Cacau, Bahia that you have to choose which tours to take. A cheerful atmosphere and lots of nature, attracts tourists from all over the world. The urban beaches, Resende and Tiririca, are very frequented by surfers and offer a great infrastructure for accommodation.  

End of year trips in Cambará do Sul – RS

end of year trips in Brazil

end of year trips in Brazil. Photo: Renato Soares / MTUR

Want one end of year trip in the mountains? Between the fields, the mountains and the coast, there is one of the largest canyons in South America, Cambará do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul, is less than 200 km from Porto Alegre. A mountain range of 250 kilometers, still little explored by tourists, can be the right destination for those who want to have fun on foot trails or horseback riding, a different destination to start 2019 in the best way.

Did you like our tips on end of year trips? Now just choose your destination and start planning the details of your trip.

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