New Year, new life with the same discussions. This is because England has not yet come to terms with the numerous vaccines that are presented against Covid-19. But the situation is heading towards a solution soon. Since November 22, travelers who received Sinovac (CoronaVac), Sinopharm and Covaxin no longer need to comply with ten days of quarantine.

Brazil left the pandemic red list in October and now vaccinated people are recognized as protected against the disease, provided they have been vaccinated with Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen, Sinovac (CoronaVac), Sinopharm Beijing or Coxavin.

It is no longer mandatory to book a hotel authorized by the British government to stay ten days in quarantine, but you must still fill in the “Passenger Locator” form, to accompany the traveler in case of infection. This decision is valid only for England, since the other countries in the United Kingdom keep Brazil on the red list.

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The Itamaraty website presents the following observations about England:

“From 4 am on Tuesday, December 7th, the entry of travelers into England will be conditioned to the presentation of a negative result of a PCR or LFD test carried out in the two days prior to departure. If your trip to England has stopover(s), you must take the test within 2 days prior to the start of the first leg.

The new rule applies to travelers departing from all countries, including those, such as Brazil, outside the red list. It will also be required regardless of whether the traveler is fully vaccinated or not. Children under 11 are exempt from the requirement.

The measure will be in addition to the British government's entry requirements for the United Kingdom in force since the 30th (see previously published details, below).

Additional information is available at

If you are not vaccinated or do not have the two full initial doses, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Present a negative Covid test taken up to 72 hours before departure.
  2. Quarantine at home or elsewhere for 10 days.
  3. Complete the passenger location form.
  4. Test for covid on the second and eighth day after arriving in England.

Always check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for frequent updates on restrictions imposed by England.

Documents to enter England in 2022

documents to enter England

Entering England: documents and requirements for traveling in 2022. Photo: Aron Van de Pol / Unsplash

Important advice from the experts: The following list is important, but it is not necessary to go into a state of paranoia. Authorities will not always require you to present all items. It's just a matter of taking precautions in times of a pandemic and Brexit to avoid having unnecessary inconvenience during your tour.

Store your documents together in an envelope or folder in an organized way for easy access. The lack of one of them can lead to problems that can result in your arrival earlier than expected.

The first mandatory item is, of course, a valid passport, that is, it cannot have an expiry date of less than six months from your departure. Pay close attention to this item, as it is not advisable to travel with the document about to expire.

The second item is the return ticket. You must prove that you are there as a tourist and that you intend to return (read not to stay illegally). This is not mandatory, but it makes your stay a lot easier: without it, immigration officers can bar your entry as soon as you arrive.

The third item is the presentation of proof of accommodation, which can be:

  • An accommodation reservation: When booking your hotel room or bed and breakfast bed, print the receipt and keep it with your documents. The reservation must cover the entire time of your stay. In case you intend to leave London, for example, and go to other cities, do the same procedure for all your stopovers.
  • Invitation letter: If you want to stay with a friend or family member already established, just ask the person to write a disclaimer assuming responsibility for the arrival, accommodation and expenses of the visit.
  • Financial proof: proof that you have enough money or financial means for your stay. The government wants, with this, not to have any type of expense in relation to the tourist. Otherwise it may mean that the person does not intend to leave the country anytime soon. Cash in cash is accepted as proof, and total amounts over £10,000 or equivalent in any currency need to be formally declared; bank and credit card statements; proof of balance available in current account or international account; proof of your credit card limit; proof of the Visa Travel Money prepaid card with the respective balance.

What most travelers really want to know is if there is any kind of visa required to enter England. As we've seen before, things change very fast and that's why we need to keep an eye out for updates on topics like this. At the time of publication of this text, there was no visa requirement as long as the trip is for tourism and lasts for up to 180 days.

If this is your case, remember that tourists are not allowed to work, claim public benefits, marry, register civil partnership or stay in the country for more than six months. If you still want to stay longer than the time allowed, it is necessary to apply for a visa according to the reason for the trip, which can include work, studies, wedding visitor, entrepreneurs or innovation.

Finally, there is the issue of travel insurance, which is so demanded in other countries. It is not mandatory in the case of England, but it is recommended, as it is a resource that can be useful in emergencies, such as medical issues. If you need to use the NHS (National Health Service), the local health service, prepare your wallet, as it is charged for tourists. And these are usually quite expensive, according to reports from countless travelers.

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