If your destination is the land of the Eiffel Tower, it's good to keep an eye on the current requirements. The situation is still unstable and many measures need to be taken into account, especially when it comes to a country that is part of the European Union and the so-called Schengen Area, which allows free movement between member nations.

Covid-19 greatly restricted the entry of Brazilians due to the high incidence of the virus in Brazil and the circulation of new variants. Today, there are some countries that have reopened their borders to tourists who are or are not fully vaccinated, even if they do not have a European passport, visa or residence permit from any European Union country.

For those who are fully vaccinated Spain, Finland, England, Portugal and Switzerland are some of those who accept the entry of tourists from Brazil, while Germany and France also accept, but make restrictions. Others, such as Italy, only accept the entry of people who fit certain exceptions, such as being a citizen of the country or another member of the European community.

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But no matter how much a tourist lands in a country that has reopened its borders, it still doesn't and guarantees that he can pass without problems through other countries of the Union or the Schengen Area.

As unified as European nations are, there is still a guarantee of individuality between countries, that is, each one can have its own rules without necessarily following those of the others. Brazil is still considered a high risk country and, therefore, travelers must observe the rules of their final destination.

What is important, in this case, is always to consult the official website of Itamaraty or those of the embassies of the destination country. in the case of France we have the following observations from the Brazilian government:

“The rules for entering French territory vary according to the traveler's vaccination status and the health situation of the country of departure, which currently places Brazil among the countries that are in the orange zone. The Consulate General recommends consulting the website of the French Embassy in Brazil (in Portuguese and French), as well as the website of the French Ministry of the Interior (in French and English), for detailed information on the subject. The health situation is quite unstable and dynamic at the moment. For safety, always check with the airline a few days before boarding and the websites of the departure and destination airports, in addition to those of the local authorities”.

Documents to enter France in 2022

documents to enter France

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That said, the first step to prepare for France is to obtain what they call a health passport, a health certificate in digital version obtained through the “TousAntiCovid” app or printed, which will attest to one of the three situations described below, from According to the Itamaraty website:

  • a) Complete vaccination:
    – 7 (seven) days after the 2nd injection of the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines;
    28 (twenty-eight) days after the injection of the Janssen vaccine (from Johnson & Johnson);
    – 7 (seven) days after injection of vaccine in persons with a proven history of Covid-19 (1 single injection);
    – 7 (seven) days after administration of a complementary dose of a messenger RNA immunizer, currently manufactured only by Pfizer and Moderna laboratories, in cases of people fully immunized with vaccines outside the above group but recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), as is the case with Coronavac.
  • b) Negative result of RT-PCR or antigen test performed less than 24 (twenty-four) hours.
  • c) Result of a test of the RT-PCR type or positive antigen that attests to the recovery of Covid-19 dating from at least 11 (eleven) days and less than 6 (six) months.

The digital document is mandatory for those aged 12 and over and is required in public places such as bars, cafes, restaurants, museums and cinemas. For long-distance travel in interregional public transport, the presentation of a health passport will also be required. To find out more about the places that require you to show up, check the official website of the French government.

Important: the health passport is recognized by all the countries of the European Union and by those that have established a mutual recognition agreement. Another point to note is that, since December 15, 2021, the rules regarding the health passport have been changed for people aged 65 and over, and for those who have been vaccinated with doses of Janssen, who need to prove that they have received a booster dose.

To obtain this digital document, the traveler (except students who must apply with the “Assurance Maladie” at the link https://www.demarches-simplifiees.fr/commencer/passe-sanitaire-etudiants) must present a printed passport and original vaccination certificate. Both should legibly include full name, date of birth, date of vaccination, vaccine used, batch number if possible, number of doses injected and country of vaccination.

French pharmacies allow you to apply for a vaccine equivalence certificate. Check the French government website for a complete list of companies that already offer this service there. Once the document is obtained, it will be stored in the “TousAntiCovid” application. Just download and scan the QR code to import it. The same can be used to photograph the vaccine equivalence certificate generated by the pharmacy to keep a digital copy.

Another necessary document is the so-called Declaration of Honor, a form that must be downloaded, printed, filled out and signed to certify that you do not show any symptoms of Covid-19 and that you have not been in contact with infected people in the 14 days prior to your trip. . This document will be required upon check-in in Brazil and upon arrival in France.

In addition to these, more traditional documents will be required, including a valid passport, return ticket, proof of subsistence, travel insurance (now mandatory, with coverage of at least 30,000 euros) and proof of accommodation. Be very careful with these, as they must be impeccable for presentation and not have any type of printed error or visible erasure.

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