The situation that characterizes the contagion of Covid-19 in countries on the same continent may seem fluctuating and unpredictable, but nothing like in Europe, where names are constantly on and off the containment lists. An example of this is Portugal, which along with Spain was recently declared a danger zone by Germany.

This was thanks to the fact that some outbreaks of the virus were recorded in the first weeks of December. The most worrying happened in Coimbra and was linked to a dance club, with at least 50 confirmed cases since the weekend of the 18th and 19th,

In addition to the fact that people were not tested to identify a variable of the virus, it also worsened the fact that many of the visitors to the place had vaccination certificates identified as false. This led the government to announce new measures to contain the pandemic, decreeing the closing of clubs and bars from midnight on December 25, a situation that should be maintained until January 3, when it will be reassessed.

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Regions considered high risk still include the Azores, Madeira, in Portugal, and countries such as Finland, Monaco and Cyprus. Not everyone, however, is in this situation: Austria, for example, was removed from the list. This does not mean that borders will be closed again, only that there will be measures for containment.

In the case of displacement of Portuguese citizens to other European Union countries, registration will be mandatory before they travel, in addition to complying with a quarantine period, which can be avoided in case of presentation of a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery of the illness or a negative Covid-19 test.

The criteria used for the classification are not limited to the number of new infections, but also the speed of propagation or the saturation of health systems. This also means that there will be a recommendation from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for EU citizens to avoid non-essential travel to these countries, which makes it easier for tourists to cancel flights without additional costs.

If the reader still wants to travel there for family reasons or to do business at the end of the year, he should take some precautions, which we will list below. In this case, there is little care to avoid a new wave of dissemination around the world.

We must also remember that the local situation does not change what has already been decided at the general level. for all purposes since September 1, 2021 the borders of Portugal are open to Brazilians. And legally, according to order n.º 9573-A/2021, valid until November 30, Brazilians are released from carrying out mandatory quarantine upon arriving in the country. However, the presentation of a negative test for Covid-19 is still required, even for those who are already vaccinated.

Entry was released for the first time since March 2020. Until August 31, 2021, only essential travel was allowed for those who could prove essential reason or who had a European passport. But let's get to the point, the documentary part.

Documents to enter Portugal in 2022

entry of Brazilians in Portugal

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The days of visa-free entry into the European Union are numbered. Today Brazilians can stay in both Portugal and the rest of the European continent without a visa for a maximum of 90 days. But from the New Year it will be necessary to obtain a new visa, even for short stays, called ETIAS.

The official website of the European Union for the visa explains the following: The European Travel Information and Authorization System is a form of electronic travel authorization. From the end of 2022, visitors traveling to the Schengen Area (defined as the convention between European countries on a policy of opening borders and free movement of people between signatory countries) will need to obtain an ETIAS travel authorization prior to travel. .

“In light of the recent increase in security risk for EU citizens and those traveling to the Schengen Area, the EU has decided to implement ETIAS to ensure the safety of everyone living within its borders. The EU started legal procedures for the introduction of ETIAS in 2016, although it will not enter into force until the end of 2022.”

To obtain an ETIAS travel authorization, you will need to complete a simple online application form. Applicants must enter their personal details such as name, date of birth and address, travel information as well as some security questions.

By cross-referencing the information with various databases, the system will be able to detect whether a person poses a threat to the security of any of the countries. ETIAS has similar objectives to the well-known American ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). Both systems provide an additional layer of control over visa-exempt foreign nationals.

To successfully apply for the ETIAS visa waiver, you must have a valid passport, a credit or debit card and an email account. These are the main requirements that every candidate must have. Without the correct travel document, the applicant could be prevented from entering the Schengen Area. The Europe visa will grant travelers authorization to visit all 26 countries, which make up the Schengen Area. After entering the zone, visitors can move freely between countries as there are no rigid internal borders.

Apart from the care with the new visa, the documents required for a trip are: a valid passport, valid for more than 3 months; international travel insurance covering your entire stay in the country or PB4; round trip tickets; proof of where you will be staying during the holidays (hotel reservation) or an invitation letter from a relative who will welcome you; proof that you are financially able to stay in the country during the trip; and negative test for Covid – RT-PCR performed up to 72 hours before boarding or rapid antigen test 48 hours before boarding.

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