Thousands of years of history in one of the oldest cities in the world

ephesus It is an ancient city, which became the capital of several empires, guarded several wonders of the ancient world and served as an important center for centuries past. The city houses the most important ruins of the Turkey, a grandiose center of antiquity whose beautiful history begins thousands of years before Christ, making it one of the oldest cities in the world.

Virgin Mary's House

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An example of the attractions that fascinate visitors is a small hovel, just 9 km from the city, which is believed to have been the last residence of none other, none other than the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ, taken there by Saint John a few years after the crucifixion. Countless faithful and religious visit the site every year.

The simple stone house is surrounded by greenery and tranquility. Although there are no irrefutable confirmations, all indications suggest that she would have spent her last years there. After all, at the beginning of Christianity churches were only built where there were martyrs or saints, and always in their name. Is at ephesus, was the only church attributed to Mary that can still be visited today. Archaeologists have also confirmed the date of construction.

epic disputes

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But ephesus holds more than countless fascinating religious stories. The history of humanity itself passed through the city, here we talk about one of the cradles of ancient civilizations. It was part of the Persian empire before Alexander the Great. It passed through Egyptian rule until it fell into the hands of the Romans, becoming the “capital” of Asia Minor and one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire due to its very well located port. Ideal to expand the trades of the time.

In the Byzantine period (395–1071) it continued to be the most important city, although in 614 it was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. The famous and important port was silting up and little by little people began to leave the city. Then disputes began between Arabs, Seljuk Turks (a nomadic tribe) and Byzantines. After the turbulent period, the region was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire in 1425. Phew!

And with all this history, it is to be expected that the city is practically an open-air museum, attracting lovers of the theme and religious people who want to know a surprising side of Turkey. Today, the current archaeological site of ephesus It houses ruins of millenary buildings, such as the Grand Theater, dating from 3 BC, which hosted gladiator fights and plays.

Wonders of the Ancient World

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And one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is just 3 km from the city! Well, one of your columns actually. The ruins of the Temple of Artemis are in Selçuk, of its more than 100 colossal columns only one remains, but the visit is worth a visit to go back to the glory years of the Greco-Roman people, at least in imagination.

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