The 2nd Brazilian Meeting of Traveling Women brought together more than 600 women in two days of debates, lectures and a lot of emotion

Paying $30,000 for an unusual experience or selling beads on the road: no matter your traveler profile, the world is a place for women. Between contrasts, stories, laughter and inevitable tears, the 2nd Brazilian Meeting of Traveling Women gathered, in São Paulo, more than 600 women in a weekend full of lectures and debates during the International Women's Day.

With a participative audience and a relaxed atmosphere, the event allowed the exchange of experiences between travelers with the most varied profiles: mothers, entrepreneurs, backpackers, luxury travelers, solo travelers, adventurers, among others.

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Speakers at the 2nd Brazilian Meeting of Traveling Women. Photo: Disclosure

Creator of the event, the journalist and tourism specialist Gilsimara Caresia, who has been to more than 100 countries, led the guests and also shared her story with the public: the traveler abandoned a consolidated career in the financial market to take a two-year sabbatical on a trip around the world.

Gilsimara presented part of his adventures and experiences in India, Machu Picchu, Thailand, among other destinations, in addition to showing that it is possible to travel on a budget. “Being embedded in a culture makes us break all the judgments we have about it. The journey is capable of releasing everything we want to be”, said the entrepreneur.

From beads to stratosphere 

Dina Barile. Photo: Personal Archive

Enthusiastic for exotic and adventurous travel, Dina Barile, 63 years old, was one of the speakers at the event. Among more than 140 countries visited, she carries the title of first and only Brazilian to know the terrestrial stratosphere.

Aboard a MIG 29 fighter at the Sokol base in Russia in 2017, she soared more than 16,000 meters above Earth. In addition to this incredible experience, in which she had to prepare herself physically for six months and pay more than 30 thousand dollars, she has also been to unconventional destinations such as Porta do Inferno, in Turkmenistan, the giant dunes of the Namibian desert and saw near volcano lava in contact with the ocean in Hilo, Hawaii.

Manuela Ramos. Photo: Playback/Instagram

On the other hand, the young publicist Manoela Ramos, decided to sell art on the roads to fund a nomadic life of traveling around Brazil. “I sold beads going up to the Northeast and went down to the Southeast selling crochets, I worked in bars and restaurants to monetize my trips”, he said.

Based on her experiences in spending as little as possible, she switched from craft to writing, where she found her true talent. In her book, “Traveler Confessions (Without Money)”, the backpacker gives tips to save on the road and also reports on her adventures. Currently, she maintains her travels by selling books in the cities she passes through.

The delights, challenges and overcoming of women travelers

Silvia Mantovani. Photo: Playback/Instagram

Being a woman and traveling is also an exercise in liberation, courage and, above all, transformation. It was the case of the lawyer Silvinha Mantovani, who found himself aimlessly after leaving an abusive relationship. “My life became hell, I lived in Spain and I had to flee,” he said in his account at the event.

After facing depression, she decided to invest in the idea of visiting 40 countries before turning 40 years old, creating an Instagram account (@40before40) to record each trip. Overcoming this goal of countries and also the problems of the past, the traveler today rediscovered herself and tells her story in the book “40 before 40: how a passport changed my life”. However, she reinforces that the first step for women facing the same problems, such as depression and abusive relationships, is always to seek professional help.

Lala Rebelo. Playback: Instagram

Already the influencer Lala Rebelo, even after being a mother, she continued to maintain her routine of traveling around the world. Despite the challenges, little Vinícius, 2 years old, has already visited 12 countries – including Portugal, Greece and the United Arab Emirates – with his first flight at just three months old. “It is necessary to understand that not only the trip, but a lot will change with children. However, that doesn't mean stop doing what made you happy before. When you realize this, your trips with your loved ones become much more pleasurable”, explained the influencer, who is 7 months pregnant and ready for new trips.

A courage for few


Juli Hirata. Photo: Playback/Instagram

Nothing can stop a woman from fulfilling her traveler's dream. It is the case of Juli Hirata, who moved the audience with his testimony. The biologist dropped everything in 2016 to embark on a daring project: visiting North and South America, from Alaska to Ushuaia, alone and by bicycle. So far, there have been 14 countries and more than 20,000 kilometers of pedaling to Alaska, with a special stop in São Paulo to participate in the event and then continue on to Ushuaia.

In her journey so far, the cyclist has passed through more than 64 conservation units, where she has been able to experience truly unique experiences in the midst of nature. “I wouldn't be able to see the fauna if I weren't so silent, so little impact and with so little,” he reported. The project “Extremo das Américas”, can be followed on Instagram (@juli_hirata) and also a blog.

already the ballerina Aeysha Zangaro she was at the top of the world – and not only that: she was the youngest Brazilian woman to get there, at 23 years old. The passion for the mountain started early, when Aeysha was 15 years old and went with her parents to Everest base camp. After that, she braved many other icy mountains, such as Aconcagua in Argentina and Mount Elbrus in Russia.


Photo: Aeysha Zangaro/Instagram

After eight years of preparation, it was time to go to the top of Everest. There were intense days of reflection, exhaustion, cold, fatigue and risky situations that, in the end, were worth it. “For me, if you really want to, it is possible to get there. Each of us has an Everest in our lives,” he said. Now, she prepares to face the Vinson Massif, the highest mountain on the Antarctic continent.

When travel is not a choice 


Prudence Kalambay. Photo: Disclosure

A trip is not always meant to be inspiring, to experience new experiences or to face challenges. Sometimes traveling is not a choice, but the only option. This was the case for Prudence Kalambay, who had to flee Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, due to political persecution.

In Brazil for 11 years, she stressed that International Women's Day is a time of struggle. “Many women are being used as a weapon of war. Today is a day to fight and pray for the women who are being murdered every minute around the world. We have to raise our voices and say enough is enough”, he said, ending the meeting. Currently, Prudence is a human rights activist, speaker and model.

About the Brazilian Meeting of Traveling Women 


Photo: Better Travel Guide

THE Brazilian Meeting of Women Travelers had its first edition last year, in 2019, in São Paulo. At the time, all tickets for the event were sold out, attracting more than 400 women from 16 Brazilian states. “The event caters to all different profiles of female travelers: young, mature, single, married, with children, backpackers and even luxury travelers. This is the intention, to show anyone that you can travel, if you just want to”, said Gilsimara, idealized of the event, to Guia Viajar Melhor.

The event does not yet have a date or space set for 2021, but anyone who wants to learn about the next actions can follow all the information on Instagram (@encontrodemulheresviajantes) and not facebook group.

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