We have gathered some of the main questions for those who want to travel by sailboat and further complement their travel experience.

Traveling is not just limited to planes and hotels: it is also an experience. Therefore, before arriving at a destination, many tourists already check what are the options of activities that can be carried out there. And one of the most incredible, without a doubt, is sailing aboard a sailboat.  

Paraty, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the paradisiacal places that offer this tour. Tourists visiting the city can have this experience through the sailboat rental with Wind Charter, focused on nautical tourism and with experienced market professionals at your disposal. 

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The company offers exclusive experiences that involve the preference of tourists, such as nature, culture and gastronomy. After all, the destination is considered one of the most exuberant corners of South America and offers historical and cultural attractions. In addition, it has hundreds of islands and beaches with crystal clear water, perfect for a swim. 

Sailboats in Paraty: Questions and Answers

Everything you need to know before sailing

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Obviously, those who have never traveled by sailboat can count on some doubts. That's why we've put together some questions that deserve to be answered to ensure even more peace of mind for those who are already thinking about adding this experience to their itinerary.

The Wind Charter team explained in a very didactic way how the sailboat rental service works in Paraty. Check out!

What is charter?

Wind Charter: This concept of "charter" is very famous among sailors and enthusiasts of life on board. Basically this is the term for those who want to temporarily rent a boat (or other vehicle) for some purpose, mainly for tourist excursions, various expeditions, research, among others.

Can anyone pilot a sailboat?

Wind Charter: Not. It is necessary to have a special nautical license at the Arrais Amador level or higher.

What are the requirements for sailing a sailboat?

Wind Charter: To hire the Wind Charter service, you must be at least 21 years old and present your ID, CPF and proof of residence. On the day of the charter, it is necessary to present yourself at the indicated navy with the contract for the check-in procedure and inspection of the vessel.

Everything you need to know before sailing

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What is the cost of this experience?

Wind Charter: The values vary according to the travel time and size of the vessel. The cost of the trip ranges from R$ 950 to R$ 3,500 per day.

How many people in the group? Does the sailboat have structure for meals and bathing?

Wind Charter: Sailboats are little houseboats! There is even a large community of people who live on board. Wind Charter's sailboats are very modern and offer full kitchens, sleeping cabins and a bathroom with a hot shower. It is worth remembering that these sailboats can accommodate four to six people overnight.

Is it possible to transport a pet on the boat?

Wind Charter: Yes. Small animals are allowed on the boats. It is possible to confirm that the mascot fits the standard with the Wind Charter team. 

Everything you need to know before sailing

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When is the best time to travel on a sailboat?

Wind Charter: In Paraty, navigation remains calm and constant throughout the year, with a light breeze from the east between 8 and 14 knots. The average annual temperature is 23°C, with average maximums of 30°C. July is the coldest period. January, meanwhile, is when the weather gets high and becomes the hottest and wettest month of the year.

How is the seasickness inside the boat? Does he swing a lot?

Wind Charter: Ilha Grande Bay (which includes the beaches and islands from Paraty to Angra dos Reis), is considered the third best region in the world for charter. As there are hundreds of islands and sheltered slopes, there is no shortage of places for safe overnight stays in calm waters. The skipper (professional who gives all the support on board) also recommends taking pills for those who are easily sick. Before boarding he shares several tips for everyone to have the best experience possible. 

Is it possible to have privacy even with the crew on board?

Wind Charter: Yes! The cool thing about Wind Charter is that it offers total freedom, whether in the itinerary or in the purpose of our expedition. And for those who have a maritime license, you can also charter without the need for a skipper. 

Everything you need to know before sailing

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Are meals included during the trip?

Wind Charter: Some travelers choose to do the itinerary with a cook on board, especially for those traveling as a family or who chose this trip for a celebration, for example a honeymoon. We chose to have our own meals on board, as the main idea of our itinerary was to understand a little about the life of those who live on a sailboat. Few people know, but there are countless people and families who live at sea on sailboats of different sizes. 

Where to anchor the sailboat when sleeping?

Wind Charter: There are more suitable places to anchor and spend the night, preferably sheltered and protected from sea currents. In Paraty, some of the options are Ilha da Cotia, Ilha do Cedo, Jurumirim, among others. In Angra dos Reis, the options are Gipóia, Ilha do Dentista and Lagoa Azul. For travellers' peace of mind, prior planning and route study is advised. If necessary, the Wind Charter team can be consulted. 

Everything you need to know before sailing

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