Thinking of going on an exchange to Canada? See which city best suits your style

When defining a destination for an exchange, it is difficult to choose between so many possibilities of countries. For those who want to learn English or French, the Canada emerges as one of the favorite places for exchange students, as it brings together security, infrastructure, a very affordable cost of living, excellent courses, in addition to being a super welcoming and beautiful country.  

It seems that the Canada It really is the dream destination of every student, isn't it? Even so, it is still necessary to choose between the main cities that offer language courses in the country. The main ones are Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver and, although they have much in common, they also have their peculiarities.

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Choosing one of these cities to live the incredible exchange experience depends on your expectations and personality. Do you prefer more modern, trendy or quieter places? Do you prefer a busy urban life or nature walks?

We have gathered some features of Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver to clarify your doubts once and for all and make the most of this unique opportunity.


Canada's largest city is modern, bustling and innovative. That's why it will win over those with a more dynamic and fast pace of life. During the day the city is very busy, as we are talking about the biggest financial center in Canada – and the one that concentrates the biggest job offers as well. During the night, the hustle remains, but this time it rolls on freely in the bars, attractions and shows that boil in the city.

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As a metropolis with more than 5 million people, you can imagine that there are people of different nationalities, making Toronto a great host for different ethnic groups. This is really cool because the exchange student will feel very welcome.

Despite inhabiting so many people, the city's infrastructure is first rate, from the transport that has efficient subway lines and punctual buses, to the education that has schools of excellence, making the city an ideal place for those who want to play in the studies

Those who choose to study abroad in Toronto will also find something that everyone expects from Canada: the cold. The climate in the city is freezing during the winter, but don't think that this is an excuse to end the fun, on the contrary, it is the ideal time to practice snowboarding, skiing and other snow sports.

By the way, winter is the ideal time to visit PATH, an underground center that houses all kinds of shops, gyms, markets and even medical clinics. Last but not least, there are the incredible tourist attractions, such as the CN Tower, a 553 meter tower from which you can have a panoramic view of the city on a glass platform.


The oldest city in Canada brings together walls, castles and old buildings, fruit of the French influence in the region. Despite being small, don't be fooled by this beautiful city, full of surprises and which, despite being very classic, retains a lot of technology and plays a very important role in research, as well as modern educational institutions.

Identified as the capital of French culture, it has charming architecture and a great opportunity for exchange students who also want to learn another language, French, which is the mother tongue of most of its inhabitants. This allows for a double immersion for students.

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France is present in every part of the city, whether for the charm, the art galleries, the cafes and cobbled streets, concentrated mainly in the lower part of the city.

You will be able to enjoy all the attractions, such as the Notre-Dame church or the Parc des Champs-de-Bataille, through a very efficient transport system that has a funicular, bus and metro. 

For those who want to venture into the ice, the city has four ski resorts, as well as an ice bar. And those who like to enjoy the night will also find lots of fun in the various pubs and bars around the city.


If you like the hustle of a big city but don't give up enjoying moments in nature, Vancouver is the ideal option for your exchange in Canada. That's because the city brings together culture, beaches, mountains, stunning landscapes and great schools for those who want to learn English.

It is not for nothing that the destination has been elected several times as the best in the world to live. Nature in the city is very present and, despite having a slightly rainy climate, nothing is able to spoil the incredible adventure activities that the city provides.

Despite the numerous outdoor activities, Vancouver has shopping malls, cinemas, excellent restaurants and also has a lot of nightlife for those who want to have fun.

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Now that you know a little more about the main cities to study abroad in Canada, it is easier to define a destination. Miscellaneous exchange agencies work with renowned schools in Canada for those who want to learn English or French. 

THE World Study is company specialized in exchange programs and is always looking for the most suitable destination for the student's profile, in addition to expanding the experience so that they can enjoy it in the best way and without worries. The agency is present in several cities throughout Brazil and also has two bases abroad.

So, which of these beautiful Canadian cities resonates with you the most?

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