Studying in Ireland has become the perfect option for Brazilians who want to have the opportunity to study and work legally in Europe

study abroad is one of the main dreams of Brazilians who want to improve their career and professional life. In recent years it has become easier to live legally outside Brazil and learn a new language. To save money, in addition to choosing destinations with competitive currencies, some exchange modalities allow study and work abroad.

If the chosen destination is a European country, quickly Ireland will appear in your searches. The reasons are diverse, but the fact that the country allows student visas without much bureaucracy and is open to receiving immigrants, makes life easier for Brazilians who want to have such an experience abroad. 

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In addition, Ireland is an economic destination when compared to the United States and England, and you can even combine your exchange with work. Thus, it is possible to obtain a remunerated activity during your studies, receiving in local currency and paying part of your stay in the country. 

But it's not just the economy and the ease of finding work that make Ireland one of the main countries to exchange. The Irish government facilitates the reception of foreigners from all over the world who want to study English in the country's schools, even for people who do not have European citizenship.

Another positive point worth mentioning is the quality of the Irish English. THE The English Studio, an English brand present in London and Dublin with more than 20 years of existence, brings teachers of different nationalities to students, allowing students to experience accents from different countries. 

Some people who want to do exchange they also tend to opt for destinations that offer work and study options. With this added advantage, students are choosing to study abroad in Ireland to help with their own expenses and still have an international experience practicing the new language.

In Brazil there are already large networks of exchange agencies that offer complete advice to the exchange student who wants to work in programs in the “Study and Work" (I study and work). The agency World Study, for example, has more than 40 physical stores in different regions of the country.

For those looking to work and study in Ireland, relying on the support of reliable companies can make the entire trip easier. These agencies assist in the student's legal processes, in the choice of accommodation, school and documents necessary to enter and reside in the Ireland with a visa that allows working up to 20 hours per week.

How does this type of exchange work in Ireland? 

Dublin. Photo: ugglemamma / Pixabay

Make one work exchange in ireland It's quite simple. To apply for the work and study option, a person must be enrolled in a course of at least 25 weeks with 15 hours of class per week.

So, it is possible to carry out paid activity for up to 20 hours per week during the period in which you are studying. During school holidays, the allowed working time can double to 40 hours.

the visa for study and work in Ireland it is withdrawn when you arrive in the country and a fee is charged in euros to obtain it. It is important to remember that if you intend to spend a long period in the country, which exceeds 2 years, the visa needs to be renewed.

In addition, it is recommended that the professional has previous experience and, in some vacancies, English with intermediate fluency. Remembering that when applying for a job, proof of your previous work will be required, so keep all documentation up to date and your resume translated.

Where is it possible to work in Ireland? 

Galway. Photo: CarinaChen / Pixabay

We know that when someone decides to make a exchange in ireland, automatically thinks of typical pubs and bars. These environments are the most common when looking for a job, because they are always open to foreigners who want to try life in the country, offering jobs as waiters, managers, cooks and much more.

However, these are not the only service options, as numerous multinational headquarters are located in the country. Furthermore, cities like Dublin receive a large volume of tourists, with job opportunities in hotels, shops, service companies and others. So, if you have a good CV and want to take a risk, know that these companies are looking for professionals who are fluent in both Portuguese and English.

What are the most common destinations to study and work in Ireland? 

Galway. Photo: coolpropix / Pixabay

The most famous city in the country is Dublin, the capital. This is the preferred destination for those who want to do exchange in ireland, because it has several attractions, such as the famous brewery Guinness, symbol of Irish culture, Grafton Street, known for being the shopping point and also the River Liffey, which runs through the entire city. 

Another city that is exchange and work in ireland is the city of Galway. The region is home to an intense Irish culture and a more traditional climate, different from Dublin, but just as charming. Being considered a great university center and more economical than the capital, which ends up attracting many exchange students.

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