There are many places to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira. Discover the fascinating cities of this region, which will conquer you both for their natural beauty and tranquility

the cities of Serra da Mantiqueira within Minas Gerais they keep impressive scenarios, amidst the exuberant nature and the cozy climate of the interior of Minas Gerais. 

There are many exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira, perfect for those looking for tranquility, beautiful landscapes and ecotourism activities. 

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The various peaks scattered throughout the region provide, in addition to breathtaking views, moments of peace and contemplation. The many waterfalls are perfect for relaxing baths and family fun. 

the region of Highlands of Mantiqueira There are amazing destinations to discover. How about scheduling a trip to one of the cities in this corner of the interior of Minas Gerais?

to help you know what to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira, we prepared this special post. Check out below a list of exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira. 

List of exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira

There are many wonderful places to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira. But here we want to show you the fascinating cities, which will conquer you both for their natural beauty and tranquility. 

In common, they all have that atmosphere of the interior of Minas Gerais, where you can be sure of finding delicious cuisine, with good cheese and dulce de leche., and a people beyond welcoming, always ready for good prose.


cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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The Aiuruoca waterfalls are beautiful and great for bathing. But be prepared for extremely icy waters. When visiting Aiuruoca, in addition to the waterfalls, you will find many natural pools. 

Located at 980 meters of altitude, the city of Serra da Mantiqueira is bathed by rivers and surrounded by mountains, valleys and forests. 

One of the main tourist attractions is Pico do Papagaio, at 2,293 meters of altitude. It can be visited from several trails that lead to the top. There is even one that can be traveled on horseback, but it is necessary to accompany a local guide. 

Basically, the attractions of Aiuruoca are divided into two regions: Vale dos Garcias and Vale do Matutu. In the first, there are Cachoeira dos Garcias, Prainha, Lajeado and Poço Joaquim Bernardo.

In the second, you will find the Deus me Livre Waterfall, the Macacos Waterfall, the Fairy Waterfall and the Pocinho. 

The city is a great travel option for those who enjoy ecotourism. There are ATV, mountain bike and off-road rides on the many trails that lead to the waterfalls. 


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Pedralva is a quiet town in the south of Minas, nestled in the Serra da Mantiqueira. The climate of the interior of Minas Gerais reigns in the place, which, in addition to a lot of hospitality, offers incredible scenarios in the midst of nature.

The city of Pedralva is a great destination for those who enjoy ecotourism and radical activities, such as rock climbing and hang gliding.

Among the main attractions of Pedralva are the Gruta do Badulaque, with cave paintings, the Pedrão and Pedra Branca. The latter is a large rock mass of 1847 meters of altitude surrounded by native forest and many walls. 

Pedra Branca, in Pedralva, is very popular for mountaineering and for travelers who enjoy camping. At its summit, the landscape is breathtaking. It is possible to see several neighboring cities. 


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One of exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira, Alagoa enchants for its natural beauties and conquers for the gastronomy, with its artisanal cheeses.

Alagoa is in Serra da Mantiqueira Federal Environmental Preservation Area and not Serra do Papagaio State Park. In other words, there are many trails, waterfalls and mountains to discover in Alagoa. 

For those who like heights, the most famous place is Pico do Santo Agostinho, or Pico do Garrafão, which is 2,300 meters high. There is also Pico da Mitra, located between Alagoa and Bocaina de Minas, with an altitude of 2,100,000 meters. In addition to the Serra do Condado, which reaches an altitude of 1,800 meters and has a ramp for paragliding and hang gliding.  

For those who want to cool off, Cachoeira do Zé Pena is a great option, with natural pools and a kind of natural slide. It is also possible to practice buoy-cross in the Corredeiras do Itaoca, 5 km from Alagoa. 


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With just over 4 thousand inhabitants, Gonçalves is one of the most charming towns in Serra da Mantiqueira. The city center is limited to the main square and its church, art and craft workshops, some shops and restaurants. 

But, despite being small in population, Gonçalves is immense when we talk about places to enjoy nature. 

The beauties of Gonçalves include impressive waterfalls. Highlights include the Andorinhas Waterfall, the Cruzeiro Waterfall, the Henriques Waterfall, the Retiro Waterfall, the Sete Quedas Waterfall, the Bromélias Waterfall and the Simão Waterfall. 

There are also many trails to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback, which lead to incredible viewpoints. Among them are the Pedra do Forno Trail, the Pedra Chanfrada Trail, the Pedra do Cruzeiro Trail, the Pedra do Barnabé Trail and the Mirante do Serrano Trail.

All this makes Gonçalves a perfect destination both for those looking for peace and tranquility and for those who love to practice ecotourism. 


cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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The city of Marmelópolis is at an altitude of 1,277 meters and its main characteristic is the cold climate of the mountains. By the way, the municipality is part of the Serra da Mantiqueira Environmental Preservation Area.

When visiting Marmelópolis, you will find many mountains that reveal impressive views. Therefore, when planning a trip to Marmelópolis, include in your itinerary one of the highest peaks in the city: Itaguaré, Pedra da Bandeira, Pedra Redonda, Pedra Montada, Pico do Marinzinho and Pico dos Marins. 

Also, be sure to visit one of its beautiful waterfalls. Cachoeira dos Padres, for example, is a complex with 3 waterfalls with an excellent structure to receive visitors and easy access. There is also the Santo Isidoro Waterfall, the Martins Waterfall, the Cubatão Waterfall, the Jacu Waterfall, the São Bento Waterfall and the Santa Bárbara Waterfall.

pass four

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Destination for those who enjoy nature, culture, history and, of course, good Minas Gerais food. Passa Quatro is one of the exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira.

The Brasil Nota 10 Museum guarantees a great historical-cultural tour. The place brings together models of historical scenarios of Brazil in the periods of Colony, Empire and Republic. The most interesting thing is that the reproduction of the scenarios is done by children who also act as museum guides.

Another cultural tour can be done aboard the Serra da Mantiqueira Train, which departs from the central station of Passa Quatro towards Coronel Fulgencio.

Now, if what you are looking for is contact with the stunning nature of Serra da Mantiqueira in Passa Quatro, visit the Passa Quatro National Forest. Also, get to know the Cachoeira da Gomeira and venture out on the Travessia da Serra Fina.


cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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With about 70 waterfalls and almost 400 km of trails, Carvalhos is another option for those who enjoy ecotourism. The city itself is small and in the style of the interior of Minas.

Located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Carvalhos surprises with its beautiful landscapes and conquers its peace. 

The most famous waterfall in the city is the Estiva Waterfall, 70 meters high. Also noteworthy are the Cachoeira dos Franceses and the Cachoeira da Prainha. 

Another tourist spot in Carvalhos is Pico do Muquém, 1800 meters above sea level and with a breathtaking view. Next to Pico do Calambau and Pico Três Irmãos, it forms the Serra dos Três Irmãos. 


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There are many natural beauties in Cristina, the City of the Empress. There is no shortage of waterfalls, mountains and lots of green to surprise those who love ecotourism. 

From the top of the peaks spread across the city of Serra da Mantiqueira, it is possible to see stunning landscapes. An example is the Complexo da Pedra Floating, accessible through trails.

Cristina is also famous for her specialty coffee, grown on high ground. A must-stop point for anyone visiting the city, Fazenda Transwall offers a tour to discover all the production processes, from harvesting to coffee in the cup to be savored.

There are other farms that can also be visited, such as Fazenda Santo Antônio, Torrefação and Trader Sertãozinho and Sítio São Sebastião.

It is worth seeing the city center and visiting the Train Museum, which tells the story of Cristina through the development of the railway network. 

Bueno Brandão

cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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Formerly called Bom Jesus do Ribeirão das Antas, Bom Jesus da Pedra Fria and Campo Místico, the city of Bueno Brandão is full of waterfalls and beautiful places to visit.

There are about 65 waterfalls and many trails to travel between mountains and valleys. Great for bathing, Cachoeira do Luís has two parallel falls and small wells for bathing. The Santa Rita Waterfall is 18 meters high and has a shallow well with a little beach. While Cachoeira do Mergulho has a grotto under the waterfall. 

When getting to know Bueno Brandão, be sure to take one of the tours through the natural beauties, such as the Pedra Fria Trail, the Pedra do Amor Lookout and the Furnas Valley. 

The cuisine is also one of the tourist attractions there. Cheeses of the most varied types are produced and sold in the city. The coffee is one of the most special, it is worth trying the Ouro Minas, Cafundó de Minas and Campo Místico coffees. And cachaça cannot be left out of the gastronomic tour of this city in Serra da Mantiqueira.

green Hill

cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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Do you like cold weather and want to enjoy relaxing days in a charming and cozy place? Then, go to Monte Verde, district of the mining town of Camanducaia.

Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters, Monte Verde has a cold climate all year round, ideal for strolling along its streets surrounded by mansions with European-style architecture. When visiting Monte Verde, you will feel like you are in Europe.

Furthermore, this fascinating city to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira has parks, trails and breathtaking landscapes. As well as very special attractions, such as an ice skating rink and the Ice Bar Monte Verde, an ice bar with an interior temperature of up to -20ºC. 

Delfim Moreira

cities in Serra da Mantiqueira

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Despite being small, the city of Delfim Moreira has many charms and leisure options, including waterfalls, trails, viewpoints and farms to discover.

Pico dos Marins is one of the most famous walks in this town in Serra da Mantiqueira. Made through trails, the way to Pico dos Marins passes through Morro Careca. Upon reaching the top of the peak, the landscape is breathtaking: it is possible to see several cities in the surroundings, including the Dome of the Basilica of Aparecida do Norte.

Among the waterfalls that can be visited in Delfim Moreira, it is worth visiting the Cachoeira do Itagyba, which is located inside a park of the same name. There are two waterfalls, the largest with 40 meters high. 

There are many exciting cities to visit in Serra da Mantiqueira. Each one with its charm and many natural beauties. So don't waste any more time and plan your trip to these amazing places now.

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