Planning a trip? Get to know the Rio Negro Expedition, a project that involves five tourist enterprises located in riverside communities in the Amazon

The Amazon is certainly one of those travel destinations that occupies a special place on the wish list of adventurers and nature lovers. Getting to know the Amazon in itself is an unforgettable experience, but the trip can also be an opportunity to visit and help rural communities that live off tourism and have been immensely affected by the pandemic.

To publicize these incredible and little explored options, full of nature and breathtaking landscapes, the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) – a civil society organization that works to conserve the Amazon rainforest and improve the quality of life of riverside communities – launched a campaign called Expedição Rio Negro.

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The project invites you to discover five tourist developments located in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS), which covers the municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of Manaus: Manacapuru, Iranduba and Novo Airão. The idea is to show people, stories, services, activities, places and everything that involves tourism as a true expedition through the region.

These are places that offer an authentic “Amazon experience” with attractions such as canoeing, river bathing, fishing, handicrafts, trails, waterfall tours, flour production, regional cuisine, among other daily experiences of the people of the region.

How about embarking with us on this special itinerary?

Pousada Vista Rio Negro

Rio Negro Expedition: safe and sustainable tourism in the Amazon

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Located in the Santa Helena do Inglês community, 60 km away from the capital Manaus, this collective enterprise is the result of the sweat of hardworking women who dreamed of working in tourism. From the community, canoe trips are carried out through Anavilhanas, the second largest river archipelago in the world, piranha fishing and visits to the beautiful beaches of Iluminado and Praia Grande. Vista Rio Negro also offers tour packages with storytelling and river bathing.

Contact for reservations: (92) 99338-1074.

Restaurant Encanto do Saracá

Rio Negro Expedition: safe and sustainable tourism in the Amazon

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Located in the community of Saracá, one hour away from Manaus, Restaurante Encanto do Saracá was created in 2012 through a partnership between the community and FAS. The community-based enterprise is run by a group of women under the leadership of Pedrina Brito, a “fiber” entrepreneur who also works as an artisan in the community group. In addition to gastronomy, the community is ready to serve tourists with experiences of fishing in the reed, canoe trips through the lakes and igapós, visits to the community flour house and walking on the trail.

Contact for reservations: (92) 98410-2797.

Pousada Toca do Tatu

Toca do Tatu is a family inn designed by the couple Nelson and Liliane, located in the Santa Helena do Inglês community, about 60km from Manaus. The space is perfect for those who value tranquility and connection with the environment without giving up the comfort and breeze of the Rio Negro. The rooms are true Amazonian chalets, equipped with electricity, air conditioning and wi-fi for guests. The inn also offers tourist packages for canoe trips, fishing, flour, trails, night focus and that river bath at sunset on Iluminado beach.

Contact for reservations: (92) 99204-5785.

Pousada Vista do Lago Jungle Lodge

Rio Negro Expedition: safe and sustainable tourism in the Amazon

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Located in the Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro community, on the shores of Lake Acajatuba, the inn emerged from the dream of two riverside warriors, the couple Adriana and Carlos Mendonça, and was built in 2014 following a strict forest management plan that guarantees the sustainability of the village. Woods. The enterprise is an important source of income for the local population and generates jobs for tour guides, canoeists, cooks and supporters. It is also famous for its mouth-watering roast tambaqui!

Contact for reservations: (92) 98422-4368.

Pousada do Garrido

Rio Negro Expedition: safe and sustainable tourism in the Amazon

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Pousada do Garrido is a community-based family business located in the community of Tumbira, in the municipality of Iranduba, 80 kilometers from Manaus, and was founded by Roberto Brito, who has an incredible history. For more than 20 years, he has been illegally extracting timber from the forest. In the last decade, however, with the transformation of the area where he lives into a conservation unit for sustainable use, he abandoned the activity and started to work with tourism, creating, in 2012, the Pousada do Garrido, which is one of the best options of experience and immersion in the riverside way of life of the Amazon for those who visit the region from Manaus.

Contact for reservations: (92) 99146-4667.

Safe and sustainable tourism

In tourism, these communities have found more sustainable ways of living off the forest, providing a service of immense value to the world: the conservation of the Amazon. With the crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, this activity was drastically affected. That is why promoting a safe return to tourism is so important for these populations, as explained by the coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business at FAS, Wildney Mourão.

“Tourism is an important income alternative for these communities. In this period of absence of tourists and closure of conservation units, there was a great social and economic impact. In addition to financial losses, communities were suspicious and fearful of investing in the return of activity due to Covid-19. Therefore, the resumption must also be a moment of return of confidence, psychological security, of appreciation of the tourist offer, of doing with more excellence what they were already doing before”, he says.

In addition to helping to publicize the ventures, the Foundation promoted training to implement and reinforce biosafety and prevention protocols in tourist service, offering the community that develops the activity and the visitor a safe, reliable service in line with best practices. of protection.

“The Rio Negro Expedition campaign is improving the service of those who offer it and guaranteeing safety to the visitor, creating an activity where the community feels confident and the customer feels happy, ready to create a chain that values tourism in the Amazon region. Our role as an institution is to facilitate this bridge between those who want to know the Amazon and recognize its value and those who have an exquisite service to offer”, he concludes.

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