From north to south, there are options for all travelers, from the most adventurous to beginners. Discover the incredible expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022 and make your itinerary

If you are looking for a travel experience different from scripts most famous – and common – you will like our tips on the 8 expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022. Continue reading this post and discover surprising places that, in addition to stunning visuals, will provide you with unforgettable experiences.

And when I say experiences, I mean both self-knowledge and an approach to the culture of local communities and nature. And there are itineraries for all types of travelers, from lovers of ecotourism and adventure tourism to those who have never ventured into expeditions, but who want to start.

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In addition, with the growing demand for destinations closer to nature, outside the big centers and the hype, a destination to discover from an expedition is an excellent option to escape the agglomerations.

Let's go, then, to the tips on the 8 amazing expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022? Check it out below.

Find out which are the amazing expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022

From north to south of the country, beautiful scenarios, surrounded by stunning nature, provide unique experiences for those who decide to venture on an expedition. See, below, our suggestions and start, right now, to assemble your travel itinerary to the next year.

Mount Roraima

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Photo: Glauco Machado Bueno/ Wikimedia Commons

Located on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, Monte Roraima is an incredible place to discover and, for that, nothing like a good expedition. That's because the task of getting to your famous straight top – in a table format – is not an easy one. But it is also perfectly possible for every traveler who loves trekking.

The highest point of Mount Roraima is in Venezuelan territory, at an altitude of 2,810 meters, and it is also there where the starting point for the expedition that leads to its summit, in the Gran Sabana National Park, is located.

Along the way, with about 90 km of trails, you will see waterfalls, natural pools, crystal valleys, mountains of different shapes and views over the clouds. Traveling to Monte Roraima is an experience like no other and, therefore, our first suggestion of incredible expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022.

Pati Valley

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Photo: Aq.nicolas / Wikimedia Commons

situated inside the Chapada Diamantina National Park, Vale do Pati is another destination to discover from an expedition. The place is beautiful and offers different views. As you walk along its trails, you will visit viewpoints, plateaus, plains, steep valleys, savannah and Atlantic Forest vegetation.

The highlights are the Mirante do Pati, Cachoeirão, Morro do Castelo and Cachoeira dos Funis. The residents of Vale do Pati also make the expedition more pleasant, with their receptivity and friendliness. You can even stay in their homes during your stay there.

But be prepared, depending on the route you choose to take, you will need a little more physical conditioning. For example, the trail that leads to Morro do Castelo is one of the most difficult in Pati, with a steep section that requires climbing. The crossing of the valley is done only with the accompaniment of authorized guides.

Route of Emotions

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil. Photo: Iain and Sarah / Unsplash

An itinerary that includes Lençóis Maranhenses, Delta do Parnaíba and Jericoacoara does not need much introduction. One thing is more certain if you decide to go on the expedition along the Route of Emotions: you will see one place more beautiful than the other. This itinerary created by Sebrae to boost tourism in the region is a real gift for travelers on duty.

you can do the Route of Emotions on your own – and thus decide where you want to start – or hire an agency that will organize the script. The important thing is to research the best time to visit the region, mainly because of the Lençóis Maranhenses that, in some months, are without their famous lagoons formed by rainwater.

Get ready to walk through dunes and cool off in the crystalline waters of beautiful lagoons, imposing rivers and a beautiful sea. The landscapes of the Route of Emotions are breathtaking.

Jalapada (Jalapão + Chapada das Mesas)

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Photo: Photo: Marina Campos Vinhal / Wikimedia Commons

Perfect for lovers of ecotourism and adventure tourism, the itinerary through Jalapão and Chapada das Mesas is one of the incredible expeditions to make in Brazil in 2022. Despite being in different states – the first in Tocantins and the second in Maranhão – the cities that serve as a base for routes for their natural beauty are nearby.

Therefore, this is already a well-known script, so much so that it was nicknamed Jalapada. And, if what you are looking for is contact with nature, this expedition is a must. In Jalapão, you can visit fervedouros, waterfalls, dunes and Pedra Furada, from where the sunset is beautiful. already in Chapada das Mesas, there are imposing hills, several viewpoints, waterfalls, wells and caves.

A tip is to start the expedition through Jalapão, which demands more from the traveler, with long journeys. Then, go to Chapada das Mesas, where you can enjoy nature more peacefully.

saw trimmings


Photo: Fernando StankunsFollow / Flickr

Land of the Giant Canyons, the Aparados da Serra National Park located on the border of the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. It is the perfect destination for those who love nature and, in current times, are looking for a place away from crowds.

Famous for housing the Itaimbezinho Canyon, Aparados da Serra offers a series of attractions that make for an excellent expedition. For starters, the trails cut through the large rocky walls, cross rivers and reveal surprising landscapes. On the way, you will find imposing waterfalls, waterfalls and wells, where you can refresh yourself.

The Aparados da Serra National Park occupies an area of 10 thousand hectares, covered by Atlantic Forest, araucaria and pine forests. The city that serves as a base for expeditions in the region is Cambará do Sul, where there are also excellent accommodation options. 

River Route (Belém x Manaus by boat)

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Photo: Mário Oliveira MTUR

THE River Route It is recommended for curious travelers who want to explore the Amazon rainforest in a different way and also learn more about the main means of transport for riverside communities in the region: boats.

The expeditions of this route travel the rivers between Belém, capital of Pará, and manaus, capital of the Amazon. On board the vessels, the traveler who ventures on this route will sleep in hammocks between several people and will have little comfort. On the other hand, you will live deep experiences of coexistence with traditional peoples and spend your days immersed in the stunning nature of the region.

The breadth of the rivers impresses everyone. To top it off, the Amazonian landscapes – which change along the way – offer surprising views. THE boat expedition along Rota dos Rios is also an excellent opportunity to contemplate and register the beauty of this little corner of Brazil.

Serra da Capybara

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil

Amazing expeditions to do in Brazil. Photo: Artur Warchavchik / Wikimedia Commons

The expedition by Serra da Capybara It's a real trip back in time. There you will find archaeological sites and cave paintings that make the place one of the most important prehistoric heritage sites in Brazil. Therefore, it is considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

It is the perfect destination for those who enjoy history, discoveries and long walks in the midst of exuberant nature. THE Serra da Capivara National Park, a conservation unit in southeastern Piauí, is the gateway for those who want to discover the region. It houses the oldest traces of human occupation in South America and one of the largest collections of rock art in the world. 

When carrying out this expedition to the past, you will travel through several trails between rocky walls and beautiful caves. In addition, you will be able to observe the beautiful landscape from the top of incredible viewpoints, such as Pedra Furada.

Pico das Agulhas Negras


Photo: Erick Yu Mikami / Wikimedia Commons

A granite massif with 2,790 meters of altitude is the main attraction of the Itatiaia National Park, the Pico das Agulhas Negras. Sought after by lovers of ecotourism and adventure tourism, it is among the incredible expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022. 

To get there, you have to cross steep stretches where you use your hands a lot – the so-called escalaminhada. However, even inexperienced travelers can make the journey with the help of guides. The round trip can take from five to nine hours.

You can also explore other areas of the park, which is 120 square kilometers, but wild camping and multi-day expeditions are not allowed there. It is possible, however, to stay overnight at Abrigo Rebouças – one of the only mountain hostels in Brazil – or in the inns located in the lower part of the park.

Did you like our tips on the amazing expeditions to do in Brazil in 2022? So, let's prepare the backpack? Allow yourself to know these stunning scenarios and enjoy unforgettable days amid the natural beauty of our country.

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