Awaited by everyone, check out the dates for the 2018 long holidays and anticipate your plans

Now that Carnival has passed and the year has definitely started, everyone is waiting for the much-desired 2018 long holidays. After all, who doesn't like to take a break from work and travel, meet new places, meet new people, acquire new experiences or simply relax? This is good for the mind and the body.

THEs long holidays are highly anticipated by everyone, mainly because they are an escape valve to get out of the routine, rest and embark on a new journey. The year 2018 will have 9 long holidays and 5 optional points. Below is a list of dates 2018 long holidays.

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It is important to let go of the usual routine and enter new experiences to reinvigorate the necessary energies that the daily routine demands. This makes the long holidays be so awaited.

Added to the January and February holidays that have already occurred, in 2018 there will be 9 national holidays and 5 optional points. This does not include state and city holidays such as city birthdays.

Plan ahead, check the list of long holidays from 2018:

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March: 30th (Friday) – Passion of the Christ

April: Day 21 (Saturday) – Tiradentes


Day 1 (Tuesday) – Labor Day

31st (Thursday) – Corpus Christi

July: 9th (Monday) – State Magna Date

September: Day 7 (Friday) – Independence of Brazil

October: 12th (Friday) – Nossa Senhora Aparecida and Children’s Day


Day 2 (Friday) – All Souls Day

15th (Thursday) – Proclamation of the Republic

20th (Tuesday) – Black Consciousness Day


25th (Tuesday) – Christmas

31st (Monday) – New Year

Remember: some companies, establishments and commercial points don't amend all holidays, but it doesn't hurt to ask the boss. By the way, 2018 promises to be a year of many trips. Have you already started planning yours? Find different itineraries and places to visit here at . Enjoy the tips! Happy reading and safe travels.

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