who travels through Fairy Tale Route in Germany, discover villages with charming little houses, woods, forests and even castles that seem to have come out of a children's story.

THE Fairy Tale Route is a route with 600 km, which goes from Hanau The Bremen at Germany, and enchants adults and children around the world for being the birthplace of the most famous authors of children's stories, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Therefore, during the trip, tourists can visit the house where the brothers spent their childhood and the university where they carried out some research.

In addition, at the visitation points and along the entire route, there are scenarios and protagonists set in the places that inspired the tales. Among the attractions, surprisingly, tourists can see the ruins of the castle in which, according to legend, Cinderella lived, in the town of Polle; Sleeping Beauty's castle in Sababurg; or also, attend an open-air show inspired by the work The Musicians of Bremen.

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So, get to know some cities on the Fairy Tales Route and fall in love:


First of all, the famous one for the jewelry stores: Hanau. The city is half an hour from Frankfurt and is therefore the starting point for the Fairy Tale Route. In addition, it is the birthplace of writers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

The Neusdadt Marketplatz also houses a national monument in honor of the brothers. However, Hanau is also one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany.

Hanau - Germany

1. Photo: Flickr – Renate Adolf


2. Photo: Flickr – Renate Adolf


Secondly, the scenic village of Steinau – which became known for housing the Amtshaus. This is the townhouse from the beginning of the 16th century, where the Grimm brothers lived. The house serves as the headquarters of the Bruder Grimm Haus, whose highlights are the 14 rooms decorated with excerpts from Grimm stories.

Steinau - Germany

3. Photo: Flickr – Alessia


4. Photo: Francisco Puentes


Thirdly, Marburg. The town is located between the River Lahn and the Landgrave family castle. The city center has a 2 km long trail where tourists find sculptures inspired by characters such as Cinderella, João and Maria, among others.

Marburg - Germany

5. Photo: Flickr – Rolf Piepenbring


The small town of Trendelburg, on the other hand, houses a hotel that works next to the tower of an old hotel, where you can see from afar the immense long blonde braid that falls over the 14th century tower. Grimms: Rapunzel.

Trendelburg - Germany

6. Photo: Flickr – Agnes Welt


7. Photo: Flickr – Ryan Montgomery


Sababurg is where the story of Sleeping Beauty came to life. Originally known as Dornröschen (Rose of Thorns), the story originated in a castle from 1334, located in Sababurg, which since the end of the 19th century has been known as the official residence of the princess.

Therefore, the themed hotel currently operates on the site. Dornröschenschloss Sababurg, where Sleeping Beauty herself, surprisingly, appears to honor guests at the hotel's dinners.

Sababurg - Germany

8. Photo: Flickr – Markus


Finally, Bremen is the final destination of the route and is certainly one of the main tourist attractions in northern Germany. The city has Gothic architecture and the famous city hall, Rathaus, built in 1410 is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.


9. Photo: Flickr AnthonyJonker

Bremen - Germany

10. Photo: Flickr – Sven Brandes

How to get

Finally, the closest German city to the German Fairy Tale Route is Frankfurt. Therefore, from there, local trains make the connection between the city and the first stop on the route (Hanau) – a journey of approximately 30 minutes.


Official site of the Fairy Tale Route.

Fairy Tale Route

11. Photo: via Tourism Germany – Flickr Deutsche Maerchenstrasse

Fairy Tale Route

12. Photo: via Tourism Germany – Flickr Deutsche Maerchenstrasse

Fairy Tale Route

13. Photo: via Tourism Germany – Flickr Deutsche Maerchenstrasse

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