Located in the Umbria region, neighboring Tuscany, Italy, the charming commune of Spello is a true open-air garden.

THE Italy It is a paradise for flower lovers. All over the country they appear in the most unusual ways, whether on the balconies of the houses, in the streets or adorning long carpets of petals during celebrations.

However, one small town in particular presents even more charming flowery scenes. Its about spell, in the province of Perugia, region of umbria. surrounded by Mount Subasio, the fortified commune is practically an open-air garden, with flowers and plants of all sizes and colors that contrast with its medieval stone houses. It is not by chance that the small commune was chosen as one of the most beautiful cities in italy.

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Spello Italy

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Walking through its streets without direction reveals a surprise at every step, as practically all the places are flowery and decorated with extreme taste and delicacy. There is nothing exaggerated or that gives the impression of a “fake” scenario, made to please, on the contrary: what you see are residents in love with the most varied species of plants, who love to decorate their city and make visitors happy.

Spello and its floral celebrations

Anyone walking along Spello will notice that some streets – the most flowery ones – have a sign indicating a number. This happens because in July, the city promotes the “Finestre, balconi and vicoli fioriti”, or “Windows, balconies and flowery alleys”, an award that elects the most decorated and flowery places in the city. In a kind of competition, the residents gather to deliver the most enchanting possibilities, which makes the city a full plate for tourists, especially for beautiful photographic records.

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Spello Italy

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Another event that has flowers as protagonists takes place every year on the ninth Sunday after Easter. The call Infiorata del Corpus Domine, a tradition since 1831, has residents adorn the streets and sidewalks of Spello with petals, forming the most incredible designs. Some of these colorful rugs reach more than 50 meters in length, attracting many visitors to the city. This is the period of the year when the city is crowded, receiving more than 80 thousand visitors in a single weekend.

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Things to do in Spello

spell It is a small town, but it has charming restaurants and shops that add even more charm to the city. It is not necessary to set aside a whole day to discover this beautiful Italian commune, a few hours of walking will be enough to be dazzled by its floral charms.

However, book part of the tour to discover part of its history, as the city has many preserved Roman and medieval monuments. Among them are the fortifications. Console Door and Porta di Venere dated to the 1st century BC

Spello Italy

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There are still several interesting works to see, such as the beautiful frescoes by Pinturicchio in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. THE Spello Art Gallery also preserves beautiful works of art produced between the 13th and 18th centuries, in addition to jewelry, fabrics, sacred objects and the urn of San Felix, patron of the city.

How to get to Spello

You can visit spell by car or train. In Florence, assisi or of Pomegranate there are train options that pass through Spello. From the station to the fortified city, it is just a 15-minute walk.

If you go by car, Pomegranate, take the A1 motorway (known as the Autostrada del Sole) heading north towards Florence. Take the access towards Perugia, on the route that leads to Assisi and Foligno. Spello is the last exit before reaching Foligno.

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It seems complicated, but with the GPS the path is very calm and beautiful, take the opportunity to enjoy the landscape surrounded by green. As the historic city is located within the limited traffic zone, a tip is to park your car outside the walls and walk out.

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