Family travel insurance: take all your doubts about how to buy insurance for family and small groups of tourists 

With the holidays approaching, it's time to plan another unforgettable family trip. Whether for a beach climate in the Caribbean, or escaping the heat of the European winter, every trip is subject to unforeseen circumstances.

So that accidents do not harm your trip with the ones you love, know where to buy the best travel insurance for you and your family.

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THE Travel insurance it is a guarantee that no unforeseen event will ruin your trip, in addition to being a must in different countries abroad. Among the coverages provided for in the insurance are indemnities in cases of accidents, medical emergencies such as a bad flu or food poisoning, in addition to other benefits that few people know.

But, in addition to health support, you can also be helped in case of lost luggage, problems with documentation or in case of travel cancellation. 

That extra security can come in handy in case of any incident. There's nothing worse than scheduling a trip to New York in the winter, and your warm coats that were in your suitcase didn't arrive with you.

family travel insurance

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How and where to hire

Travel insurance can be contracted with several companies. In addition to insurance companies, travel agencies, credit card companies and airlines also offer some types of plans. To have the best coverage options at the best price and still count on 24-hour specialized assistance, Allianz Travel offers a quick and easy way to purchase travel insurance, which can be quoted online in real time. 

THE Allianz quotes with various travel insurance options based on the number of travelers and age, destination and duration of the trip. the plan of travel insurance for tourism It is best suited for family trips.

How much does family travel insurance cost?

family travel insurance

The price of travel insurance varies according to the duration of the vacation and the chosen destination. So make sure with an agent the best option according to your needs.

At Allianz Travel It is possible to quote the plan that best suits your family's needs, along with some extra benefits to help you in different cases. 

Just as an example: 1 travel insurance plan for a seven-day trip in North America can be purchased from 30 reais per day per insured.

The plan offers coverage for average expenses from BRL 150,000 and BRL 2,000 for lost luggage and other differentials.

Another benefit that Allianz Travel brings to families looking for the best travel insurance are installment options and promotional offers. Your plan can be paid in up to six installments, with minimum installments of 30 reais. 

To make sure your family trip will be perfect and safe, check out our travel insurance plan offers at Allianz Travel, present in more than 40 destinations. The operator also has plans for corporate travel, travel insurance for exchanges, backpackers and much more!

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