Closed by pandemic, tulip field in Holland came up with message “see you next year” in flower planting

Closed by the coronavirus, a tulip field in the Netherlands has emerged with a message of hope for travelers who were unable to visit this year. THE Dutch Daffodils, a farm that houses the field in question, is one of the numerous attractions in the country that were impacted by the new coronavirus. 

Thinking of giving a strength to everyone who had to postpone plans to visit the place, the owners of the space decided to write the message “see you next year” using the flower plantation itself. 

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field tulips holland message hope travelers

Photo: reproduction

The image was shared on farm facebook accompanied by the following caption: “Due to Covid-19 travel plans have changed. Many of you were planning to travel to Holland to see the flower fields bloom. Unfortunately, that won't be possible this year. This week, the Dutch Daffodils family came together to create something for everyone who wants to travel to the Netherlands. You may miss Holland, but know that we miss you too!”

Recently, the season of the Keukenhofs gardens, also canceled due to the pandemic, made available a online visit through space, which has more than 7 million tulip bulbs.

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