Multicultural and with great biodiversity, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul is an incredible place to get to know. Find out which are the best tours to do in Campo Grande

Planned and tree-lined, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul It is a great travel destination and has many attractions to discover. More than a waypoint for those who are going to meet Beautiful it's the wetland, there are many options for tours in Campo Grande and we will tell you here everything that is possible to find there.

Despite being a big city, Large field it has green areas that conserve the fauna and flora of the region. So don't be surprised if, when visiting its parks, you come across macaws, toucans, capybaras, anteaters and even small wolves. In addition, it is the only Brazilian city to have an urban indigenous village, where Indians of the ethnic group live. terena.

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Multicultural and with great biodiversity, Campo Grande is undoubtedly an impressive place to visit and you can't leave it out of your travel plans. Want to know more? So, continue reading this post and find out which are the 13 must-see attractions in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Find out what are the attractions to visit in Campo Grande

Parks, museums, squares, ponds and even indigenous villages are among the tours to do in Campo Grande. See what are the attractions that the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul has in store for you.

Park of Indigenous Nations

Large field

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Postcard of the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, the Park of Indigenous Nations is one of Campo Grande's must-see attractions. Wide, the site is one of the largest urban parks in the world, with more than 1 million square meters.

And there is no shortage of things to do in the Parque das Nações Indígenas. It offers places for hiking, children's playground, sports courts and skating and skating rinks. There are also many gardens with native vegetation of the region and a lake with a pier and a small island.

Museum of Don Bosco Cultures

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Located inside the Parque das Nações Indígenas, the Museu das Culturas Dom Bosco has a diverse collection that tells a little about the history and development of Mato Grosso do Sul and its traditional peoples.

In it, you will find collections of archeology, ethnology and mineralogy that help to understand how the development of this region took place and how the indigenous people who lived there lived. In the paleontology collection, it is possible to observe fossils from Brazil, Italy, the United States and England.

Park of Powers

what to do in the big field

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Another option for a walk in Campo Grande, Parque dos Poderes is a green area that houses the headquarters of municipal and state administrations, in addition to the Federal Revenue and Federal Justice.

During the weekends, the park is taken over by families and practitioners of physical exercises. At night, it is possible to find coatis, armadillos and wolves that live in the reserve next to the park and take the opportunity to explore it when there is little movement of cars and people.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO)

Campo Grande Mato Grosso do Sul

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Located inside the Parque das Nações Indígenas, the Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MARCO, is another attraction to visit in Campo Grande.

The place brings together works by artists from the south of Mato Grosso and 1500 works belonging to the Pinacoteca do Estado. In addition, it has four rooms with temporary exhibitions, a library, classrooms, a studio and an auditorium.

city tour

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One of the best ways to get to know Campo Grande is through the City Tour. The tour is carried out by bus and passes through 42 tourist spots in a 48 km route. During the tour, a guide talks about the history and curiosity of each place.

The City Tour through Campo Grande passes through the Parque das Nações Indígenas, the Municipal Market, the Memorial do Papa and several famous squares, such as Araras, Ary Coelho and dos Imigrantes, among many other places in the capital of Mato Grosso.

address of the Bays

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Morada dos Baís is a beautiful mansion, built between 1913 and 1918, located in the center of Campo Grande. It was one of the first masonry buildings in the city and, today, it is one of the main tourist attractions there.

Listed by the Historic and Cultural Heritage of Campo Grande, the Morada dos Baís building houses the Lídia Baís Museum, where the belongings of the family that built it are, and a restaurant.

Marçal de Souza Urban Indigenous Village

Mato Grosso do Sul

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In Campo Grande you can find the only urban village in the country: the Marçal de Souza Urban Indigenous Village. It is a housing complex created by the city government, with 135 hollows made of masonry, where families of the Terena indigenous people live.

It is a place to exchange experiences and to learn more about the way of life of the Indians who even still speak their native language. It is worth visiting the Memorial of Indigenous Culture, located in the urban village, which rescues indigenous culture through handicrafts and literature.

Araras Square

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Praça das Araras, also known as Praça da União, is one of the beautiful meeting points in Campo Grande. Located in the Amambaí neighborhood, the square has a water mirror, sports court, children's playground and the famous macaw monument, which calls attention to the need to preserve the species.

Forest Garden


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For those who enjoy outdoor walks, Horto Florestal is one of the attractions to visit in Campo Grande. Located on the property that housed the first ranch of the city's founder, José Antônio Pereira, the park is home to several species of fruit trees typical of the region.

Among the attractions of Horto Florestal are the arena theater, artistic and cultural workshops, bocce and mesh courts, children's playground, skate park, in addition to the Municipal Library.

Sky Waterfall

Mato Grosso do Sul

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Just 15 km away from the city center, Cachoeira do Céu is an option for a walk in Campo Grande, especially on hot days. Located in the middle of dense forest, the waterfall can be accessed after a 20-minute walk along a trail and has a great well for bathing.

brunette shore


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Among the attractions to visit in Campo Grande, it is worth visiting Orla Morena, also known as the city beach. Despite having nothing to do with a beach, in fact, the place is very popular with locals, especially on weekends.

Orla Morena is a linear park, built in 2010 in the Cabreúva neighborhood, which houses a walking track, skates, bicycle, skateboard and an open-air gym.

Pantaneira Square

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Praça Pantaneira is on the same block as the Campo Grande City Hall and draws attention for its large statues of animals from the Pantanal. Created by artisan Levi Batista do Nascimento, they portray macaws, toucans, jaguars and herons. The place is an excellent option for an outdoor tour and still yields great clicks.

Itatiaia Lagoon


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Another attraction to visit in Campo Grande, Lagoa Itatiaia is 350 meters wide and is a great place to enjoy the sunset in the city. Very frequented by fishermen, the lagoon is in the Jardim Itatiaia neighborhood and has a walking trail.

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