Surrounded by several natural attractions such as beaches, bays, coral reefs, mangroves and navigable rivers, the region has conditions for the practice of adventure tourism and ecotourism.

Safe harbor. Photo: Marcio Filho/MTur

Considered the cradle of Brazilian history and culture, the Discovery Coast it was listed as a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999. Surrounded by several natural attractions - such as beaches, bays, coves, cliffs, coral reefs, mangroves and navigable rivers - the region has favorable conditions for the practice of adventure tourism and ecotourism. .

Several paradisiacal beaches enchant visitors who visit the place. In safe harbor, the most visited are Tacimirim, Taperapuã and Mundaí; in Cabrália, Coroa Vermelha, Mutary and Arakakaí stand out; trancoso it has the beaches of Nativos dos Coqueiros and Nudismo as good options for swimming; in Arraial d'Ajuda, the beaches of Delegado, Mucugê and Parracho attract attention; those who visit Caraíva cannot miss Praia do Espelho, located between the multicolored cliffs that surround this little piece of the southern coast of Bahia. THE Mirror Beach is among the ten best in Brazil; On the Discovery Coast, there are also the beaches of Santo André, Tartarugas and Santo Antônio, which are also very popular.

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discovery coast

Roadmap Map. Photo: Publicity Secretary of Tourism BA

The natural beauties are recognized by visitors, especially among practitioners of extreme sports, who seem to have a closer contact with such attractions. During the ultralight tours it is possible to admire all the beauty of the region from a different angle. THE Discovery Coast reserves ideal spots for diving, windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, trekking, horseback riding, among others. It's worth noting that the fun doesn't end there.

The region has a very different nightlife. Contrary to what happens in most coastal areas, where programs carried out during the day are more attractive than those carried out at night, in Discovery Coast night entertainment is also a highlight. Tourists no longer know whether they will prefer to enjoy the day or the night. Most of the time, he ends up making the most of both, showing that, during visits, sleep is not the priority.

The hours are so atypical that, in many cities in the region, shops are open during the night, selling clothes, handicrafts, etc. The events promoted by concert halls, beach tents and nightclubs, which always end at dawn, guarantee fun into the night.

Fun that never ends. For over 500 years, this region has been visited by several trailblazers, in search of the most unusual products. Nowadays, trailblazers are better known as “tourists”, who seek high doses of adrenaline and a lot of history, in a scenario composed of sun, sea and a lot of tranquility.

Mirror Beach. Photo: Marcio Filho / MTur

Safe harbor. Photo: Marcio Filho/MTur

Coqueiros Beach, Trancoso. Photo: Marcio Filho/MTur

Arraial D'ajuda. Photo: Marcio Filho/MTur

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