At the foot of the imposing Pedra Azul, the Ecoparque Fjordland is a piece of Norway in Brazil and promotes horseback riding in the midst of the exuberant nature of the Pedra Azul State Park.

At the feet of the great Blue stone, in Domingos Martins (ES), it is possible to find a little piece of Norway stuck in Brazil. we are talking about Fjordland Ecopark, a refuge for those who enjoy ecotourism and horses.

The property is the only one in the country that offers tours in Fjord breed horses, a Norwegian lineage of extremely docile and beautiful animals. At horseback riding in Fjordland lead to incredible places in this corner of Espírito Santo that are beyond charming.

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fjordland add to others must-see attractions in Domingos Martins. the mountain range Holy Spirit It is the ideal setting for days of contemplation and immersion in nature. 

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trails inside the Pedra Azul State Park allow the practice of extreme sports and bathing in natural pools. The accommodations have a special charm in the midst of the mountains and invite you to stay a little longer. To top it off, the cuisine is varied and pleases all tastes. 

Start planning your trip to Domingos Martins now and discover this piece of Norway in Brazil. Fjordland will surprise you, that's for sure.

Fjordland, a piece of Norway in Brazil

Holy Spirit

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Built by Norwegian royalty, the ecopark fjordland It is the perfect place for those who like horses and ecotourism. 

The property, located in lizard route, belongs to Princess Ragnhild Alexandra's widower, businessman Erling Sven Lorentzen. Fjordland was built in the late 1980s and breeds Norwegian Fjord Horse (NFH) horses. 

Out of Norway, these horses are only found in Fjordland and Chile. In addition to being very beautiful, Fjord horses are extremely docile and great for horseback riding. Their temperament even allows beginners and children to participate in the tours. 

Horseback riding in Fjordland

At horseback riding in Fjordland are made in the northwest part of Pedra Azul. The ecopark has two options for trails around Pedra Azul to be done with horses: the short one, lasting about 20 minutes, and the long one, which can last 1h40.

The short trail is recommended for those visiting the place with children under 10 years old. It leads to the property's organic coffee plantation, one of its attractions.

The long trail is destined to Mirante do Lagarto, on departures in the morning, or the natural pools of Pedra Azul, on departures in the afternoon. However, the minimum age for this tour is 10 years old.

After riding in Fjordland, visitors can visit the stables and learn about horse breeding. Also, there are other animals on the farm that can be seen.

Heimen organic coffee 

Another attraction of Ecoparque Fjordland is the production of Heimen coffee. Planted organically, the coffee trees are located in an area on the slopes of Pedra Azul and are fertilized only with horse residues – such as feces, urine, sawdust and grass residues).

It is also possible to visit the tulha, where Heimen Coffee is processed. The site is open to visitors during the coffee harvest season. 

Organic coffee production is limited. A year, only four 60-kilogram bags are sold at the ecopark's cafeteria. If you visit Fjordland, be sure to stop by to experience this delight. 


The Fjordland ecopark also has a library maintained by the Lorentzen Institute. The collection is all geared towards Environmental Education and Ecology. 

Take the time to learn more about ecological practices and enjoy a good read. 

How to get to Fjordland, in Domingos Martins

how to get to fjordland

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fjordland is one of Domingos Martins attractions and is located in Pedra Azul State Park. To get there, the best way is through Vitória, the capital of Espírito Santo.

If you come from another state, the options are Eurico Salles Airport or Vitória Bus Station. Then, just follow the BR-262 that gives access to Rota do Lagarto.

Fjordland is located on the Lizard Route, one of the tourist attractions in Domingos Martins. Once in the city, don't worry about getting to Fjordland. Just take the beautiful road and, at km 2.2, there is an access to the ecopark.

Pedra Azul State Park can be visited throughout the year. In winter, the highlight is the cherry blossom season. The mountain climate causes temperatures to reach -10ºC. 

In summer, the main attraction are the natural pools that can be visited from horseback riding along the Fjordland.  

Things to do in Domingos Martins

things to do in Domingos Martins

Photo: Juliana Lira Heringer Ferreira

In addition to Fjordland, there is plenty to do in Domingos Martins. The city has German architecture and beautiful places to visit, such as the Pedra Azul State Park. 

This destination is ideal for trips as a family, as a couple or in groups of friends. Check out our tips on everything that is possible to know in this charming city of Espírito Santo.

Pedra Azul State Park

THE Pedra Azul State Park is the main attraction of Domingos Martins. It is possible to discover it through the trails that reveal waterfalls and natural pools in the midst of exuberant nature. 

There are three trails in Pedra Azul State Park. The trail with the lightest difficulty is 1900 meters – round trip – and leads to the viewpoints of Pedra Azul and Forno Grande.

Another trail, with a high level of difficulty, is 2500 meters long – round trip. It leads to natural pools and includes a 97 meter climb. 

Finally, a self-guided trail, with a medium difficulty level, is an option for those who want to know the natural pools without having to go through the climb, the most difficult part of the path.

Along all the trails, visitors are accompanied by the grandiose Pedra Azul, the postcard of the Espírito Santo mountain range. Over 1,800 meters high, the rock formation got its name because of the color that changes throughout the day. 

lizard route

The Rota do Lagarto, where the Fjordland is located, is another tourist spot in Domingos Martins. 

It is a road, with approximately 7 kilometers, surrounded by trees that form natural tunnels. At certain points, the road becomes a corridor of pine trees.

The road got its name because, along its entire length, it is possible to see Pedra Azul and its rock formation that resembles a lizard. 

The street has many inns, restaurants and sweet and craft shops. In addition, it concentrates sites with activities aimed at agritourism.

radical sports

The city of Domingos Martins is perfect for practicing extreme sports. 

Pedra Azul State Park is the perfect setting for trekking, rappelling, rafting and tubing. Besides, of course, riding in Fjordland. 

Capixaba Mountains Train

The Capixabas Mountains Train is ideal for getting to know the region more. 

Departing from the city of Viana, the train passes through Domingos Martins and goes to Araguaia. In total, there are 46 kilometers in the middle of Serra do Mar. The train passes through bridges, tunnels and waterfalls.

House of Culture and Historical Museum

Those who enjoy contact with nature and historical learning, find in Domingos Martins a complete trip. 

In addition to the natural beauties of Pedra Azul State Park, the city has a very rich historical collection that portrays the colonization by Germans, Pomeranians and Italians. 

To learn more about the history of Domingos Martins, be sure to visit the Casa de Cultura and the Historical Museum. The building built in 1915 brings together objects, works and furniture that help to understand how the city of Domingos Martins came about.

Also visit the charming Praça Dr. Arthur Gerhardt. Surrounded by the main historic buildings, the square still houses the Lutheran Church, listed by the State Historic Heritage. 

In the square is also the German Colonization Landmark. The monument was built in 1954 and represents a European family recently arrived in the city.

Blue Stone Village

50 kilometers from Domingos Martins, Vila da Pedra Azul is a great option for a walk. 

With beautiful landscapes, the village has many restaurants of different cuisines, such as German, French, Italian, Portuguese, organic and exotic. 

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