Brazilian flight attendant Gabriel Santos published a thread on Twitter with more than 30 tips and curiosities about international flights

Are you going to travel abroad by plane? Brazilian flight attendant Gabriel Santos published today on Twitter a thread (sequence of tweets that tell a story) with more than thirty tips and curiosities about international aviation, the area in which he works.

The publication soon went viral on the social network because of the humor and unusual situations that occur on a flight. Check out the tips shared by Gabriel below:

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  1. Never walk barefoot on the plane. That floor is vacuumed after every flight but I've seen and heard stories that you wouldn't even step on.
  2. On large planes, be careful when choosing an emergency exit seat. Despite the extra legroom, chances are you'll be on the side of babies! It's because right next to it is where we position the cribs.
  3. If traveling as a pair, choose window and aisle seats (leaving the middle empty). Most people don't like to choose a middle seat and it will be empty. If there is someone, the person always prefers to exchange.
  4. Take an empty water bottle. There is no liquid on the x-ray, so take an empty one and ask the commissioner to fill it up. I'm always happy because it means I won't have to pour you 826373638 glasses of water.
  5. Choosing the first rows is worth it if you want to disembark first, but it also gives you preference at mealtimes. You will always have all the menu options.
  6. Politely ask at check-in if it is possible to have an empty row. If they like you, they block the seats next to you so no one can sit there.
  7. If you get a row of three, put the 3 pillows together and roll the first blanket. Use the second to cover the seats and the third to cover. So you have a walk.
  8. If you are traveling with a baby but he or she is older, instead of choosing the seat in front of the crib (it won't fit) ask for a free seat at check-in to put it on during the flight.
  9. Turbulence DOES NOT bring down a plane. But it can hurt you if you don't wear your belt! So always leave it buckled on during the flight, even if the warning is off. There are turbulences that pilots cannot predict.
  10. Girls, if you were in “those days” and were unprepared, the flight attendants can provide you with tampons. If it's with or without tabs, I don't know!
  11. ALWAYS sign up for loyalty programs. Even if you don't fly a lot, on overbooked flights, affiliates are always the first to be upgraded.
  12. Things that influence your chance of getting an upgrade: which passenger paid the most expensive fare, member of the loyalty program and their clothing matched. Birthday and honeymoon make no difference.
  13. If you speak politely to the crew informing them of a birthday or honeymoon, there's a CHANCE for a little surprise. It can be an executive chocolate or champagne.
  14. Remote control, touchscreen, food tray and belt are seemingly clean items that EVERYBODY TOUCHES ON! My tip is disinfectant wipes as soon as you get on board.
  15. In Middle Eastern companies (and possibly others) the only ways to take your pet by your side are: for him to be a hawk, a guide dog or an emotional support animal. Lastly you need an attestation proving it.
  16. If you or someone in your family doesn't speak English and is taking an international flight, many websites provide the menu in advance. There you can do an online translation and take it with you. I always prepare a list of phrases for my parents for when they travel. 
  17. Ticket prices vary A LOT and buying in advance is not always ideal. I use SkyScanner and MaxMilhas a lot. Then I compare it with the company's official website to see if it's the best.
  18. DO NOT travel if you have the flu/stuffy nose. Or do your best to unclog it before you fly. This can cause barotrauma, which is when your ears become blocked enough to hurt. In extreme cases people go deaf!
  19. If your fear is getting sick, flight attendants are trained in first aid, and we have an extensive list of remedies. If you're feeling bad, whether it's a headache, indigestion, diarrhea, we'll give you medicine and we can even call the doctors on the ground.
  20. In addition to a stuffy nose, do not travel with: a freshly made filling/root canal (the air inside the tooth will expand and cause you a lot of pain), stitches (the bleeding will intensify) or after a deep dive (difference between pressure can give you complications ).
  21. When you fly, it's common to get bloated. To lessen this, avoid foods with milk or soda. Prefer light things and water. Ever.
  22. Be careful when drinking alcohol on board. The effects of alcohol intensify at heights and you also become dehydrated more easily. 
  23. This I learned from @nilmoretto it's the @CdNLeon: when using the toilet seat protection, you man, don't completely rip the middle part off. Start in the back and leave in the front (hanging). It serves as protection in front of your blessed one.
  24. If you run out of toilet paper and you haven't had time to refill it yet, ask a flight attendant. It is often difficult to check 10 toilets on board at the same time.
  25. Most seats in the first row, the ones with the most legroom, on both Boeing and Airbus (airplane models) do not raise the armrest. If you insist on having more space on the sides, don't choose these seats.
  26. A while ago there was a viral post on the internet saying that it is not safe to drink teas and coffees on the plane, that flight attendants do not drink because the water is not filtered. That's a lie! Even if it wasn't, the water comes out boiling! It's super safe. 
  27. In 99.9999% of flights, there is food left over. If you ask a steward he will surely give you another warm one.
  28. Do not try to smoke or do anything inappropriate on the plane. We flight attendants know how to unlock the bathroom door from the outside.
  29. When you hear “crew door check” or “prepare all doors and crosscheck” it means that all passengers have boarded. At that time you can change seats to whichever seat you think is free (except the ones you have to pay extra for).
  30. That same door check announcement means, after landing, the doors can be opened BUT IT STILL TAKES TIME. Usually about 3-5 min after the announcement. Until then, enjoy the comfort of your seat.
  31. If possible, travel with a backpack instead of a carry-on bag. In addition to being light and more practical, you don't run the risk of the plane's luggage being full and you having to check it out. 
  32. Perhaps one of the most important tips: take a little chocolate for the crew. Is it a certain bribe? Yes. But it's not about chocolate, it's about consideration. I always take it and the crew of every company treats me like a king!
  33. If you and your family have separate seats and the check-in staff says that “on the plane the flight attendants help you change” IT'S THE BIGGEST CAÔ! If the plane is full there's nothing we can do. Tap your foot before getting on the plane (with politeness always lol)

Did you like the tips? The professional, who travels all over the world, also shares his experiences and travel tips on his Instagram that you can access clicking here.

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