Looking for tickets to the Marvelous City at a price that fits in your pocket? The new modality promo flights 123milhas has air travel from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, from R$191 round trip, with taxes included, to travel in November 2022. The offer is aimed at those who have flexible departure dates, being able to fly for a much lower price.

Cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro

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Ideal for those who have flexible dates on boarding days. The new modality brings really cheap tickets with options to travel in the second half of 2022 and in the beginning of 2023. The price of air tickets available for the months of September, October and December are also with unbeatable values with savings between 30% to 40%. In the last month of the year, for example, you can find offers to travel from R$218 round trip. A great opportunity for those who want to enjoy their holidays in Rio de Janeiro this year.

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How do 123mile Promo Flight tickets work?

You promo flights, offered by 123 miles, are focused on cheaper air tickets, ideal for those looking for really cheaper trips. For this, it is recommended to plan in advance.

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The dynamics are simple. In order to get the best prices on air tickets, it is necessary for the traveler to have flexible dates on the departure days. Therefore, it is recommended that the passenger has 24-hour flexibility in the travel dates. Being able to travel one day before or after the one initially chosen.

To ensure that the flexible dates do not interfere with your itinerary in any way, within 20 days after purchase, you will receive an email with the form that must be filled in with the details of the passenger who is to board. In addition 123 miles guarantees confirmation with the boarding pass up to 10 days before the trip. Cancellation is free of charge and does not include a fine if made within 15 days of purchase.

As this is a flight with special conditions, the 123 miles does not make any changes other than those informed at the time of purchase, such as changing the city of origin or destination, in addition to the impossibility of purchasing extra luggage.

Another important tip is to wait for confirmation of the travel dates to book your accommodation or buy tours and tickets to attractions. If you choose to make the reservations, it is worth giving preference to the options with cancellation and change free of fines and fees.

As mentioned above, to take advantage of the offers, it is extremely important that there is flexibility in the tourist's schedule. So you guarantee the trip at the price you paid, without taking any risks! See all offers and detailed rules this page.

Flights from Sao Paulo to Rio - Top Destinations

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